I Finally Traveled Alone And Here's Why You Should Too

    You're ready to take that solo trip too.

    Hi hi everyone, I'm Lauren! I am a 4'11" lady with little-to-no muscle, who on occasion makes impulsive decisions. Like go to Iceland. By myself.

    I really, really love to travel. I actually prioritize it over a lot of things in my life (like food, saving up for retirement...). But I had never traveled completely alone, something I always wanted to do.

    But when I stumbled on a special roundtrip fare to Iceland for $300, I kinda felt some carpe diem spirit floating around in me. Because hello?! It was THREE HUNDO DOLL-HAIRS. AND THERE WAS ONLY ONE TICKET LEFT.

    So then I did what any responsible young adult would do. I booked that shit. And then quit my job the next day.

    Right after I booked my flight, I realized I had learned lesson #1:

    When it was finally time to go, I was scared and nervous y'all. I was unsure of my ability to navigate it by myself and actually enjoy my intense alone time. But once I got there, I quickly learned lesson #2:

    Although Iceland is such a wonderfully safe country, you never know what could happen. So I still put my safety first, by actually trusting other people.

    I had an amazing time, but it's not like I was super comfortable being by myself during my whole trip. I was in the process of learning lesson #3:

    The best things about my solo trip: