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    23 Tweets About Being Korean That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    Kimbap is NOT SUSHI.

    1. When your mom got the ruler out, you know she's about to end you.

    2. None of us have ever actually seen butter in the tub. Ever.

    3. When your parents could smell your bullshit all the way downstairs.

    4. IT'S NOT SUSHI.

    5. When the 1-year-old baby is destined to become the next Steve Jobs.

    6. Doesn't matter how good you look.

    7. These humbled you at the dinner table.

    8. Every time you suggest anything new.


    10. Let me tell you 2NE1 reasons...

    11. Honestly that's too much sleep.

    12. When you're told to save your money.

    13. If you don't have extra slippers, you clearly don't care about them.

    14. When you get distracted by the snack aisle...

    15. We've all been there.

    16. Give me the drama. Give me the romance.

    17. Grocery shopping at a Korean market doubles for eating lunch.

    18. "Katalk! Katalk! Katalk!"

    19. But why not :'(

    20. 20 types of rice, 40 types of ramyun.

    21. We're ALWAYS busy.

    22. Every time you attempt Korean...

    23. And we all learned to stop asking questions.