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23 Ways To Wear More Velvet For Under $30

AKA how to cover yourself with velvet from head to toe.

1. Didn't think chokers could get any better did ya? Well they just did with this velvet number.

2. This strappy bra might be a little risqué but hey, velvet looks good AND feels good.

3. Channel your inner dangerous woman with this sheer bodysuit.

4. Throw it back to the '90s with this casual v-neck.

5. Feel like royalty in this stunning gold dress.

6. Go casual (but like, not too casual) with this velvet cap.

7. Or try this lighter version.

8. Add some texture to your outfit with this soft crew neck.

9. Nothing says "modern elegance" like this velvet twist on the classic LBD.

10. Your feet deserve some lovin' too, so dress them up with these velvet socks.

11. Show off your legs with these stunning leggings.

12. Keep it comfy and cute in these lace, velvet shorts.

13. Give your feet a lil' TLC with these velvet heels.

14. A velvet bag with little cat eyes and ears on it? Must. Buy. Right. Now.

15. Steal the show in this sexy velvet, lace skirt.

16. This dark pink dress will make you feel like you're just wrapped up in a warm velvet blanket all day.

17. Make a statement with this belt that will tie your whole look together.

18. Channel your inner ice skating-ballerina queen with this dress.

19. This embellished choker is the perfect accessory for that all-black outfit.

20. This jumpsuit is the easiest outfit you'll ever put together and feel fly as fuck in.

21. Add some subtle velvet to your ears with these rose pieces.

22. Look no further - here's your perfect summer to fall transition dress.

23. Flounce around in this super flattering skater skirt.