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24 Really Cool Gifts For All The Geeks In Your Life

Get ya geek on.

1. This lightsaber handheld immersion blender that's a life saber when it comes to making soups and smoothies.

2. This Bubble Wrap calendar that'll get you excited to start each morning with a satisfying "pop!"

3. This Game of Thrones version of Monopoly that has Valar Morghulis and the Iron Throne cards in place of Chance and Community Chest cards.

4. This Stranger Things–inspired sweater that would've kept Barb warm in the Upside Down.

5. This Poké Ball spice and herb grinder that will make you feel like a real Pokémaster in the kitchen.

6. This laptop decal that's a sweet homage to the magical series that made you really ~believe~.

7. This Superhero wall light to hopefully send some awesome action-packed dreams your way.

8. This Game of Thrones–inspired toilet decal that's fitting for your royal dumps.

9. This PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer to get rid of all that grime you carry around with you.

10. This Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wall Charger that can charge two devices via USB at once.

11. This Star Wars Death Star waffle maker that will give you the best damn waffles of your life.

12. These planet lollipops that each have a yummy, unique flavor.

13. This Poké Ball serving bowl set that's really all you need for a great viewing party.

14. This Iron Man mechanical keyboard with programmable light-up effects even Tony Stark would appreciate.

15. This solar-powered charger and light that will save your life one day and you know it.

16. This R2-D2 measuring cup set that'll give you a reason to measure literally everything in the kitchen.

17. This iPhone Charger Sticker Faces set to guarantee that you'll never lose or confuse your cables again.

18. This Eddard Stark case to help you survive this winter.

19. This Banned Books Morph Mug that's sure to please every bibliophile.

20. This Darwin's Dinosaur Egg Puzzle to challenge your great mind and maybe help you make a new discovery!

21. This Geeky Chef Cookbook with all the recipes your need to make your favorite fantasy foods come to life.

22. These Blue Sky candy–filled test tubes for your daily sugar high.

23. These flippin' awesome celestial coasters with your favorite adventurous cartoons.

24. This R2-D2 coffee press that combines two absolutely essential things: Star Wars and coffee, duh.

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