This Man Painted Black Women In Traditional Korean Hanbok And It’s Beautiful

“I’m spring, you’re a flower, and you have bloomed in me.”

1. Christian “Royal Dog” Chanyang Shim is a Korean graffiti writer who has been creating murals featuring black women in traditional Korean hanbok.

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Hanbok, traditional Korean wear, is typically only worn on special occasions, such as weddings and Chuseok – which is widely referred to as Korean Thanksgiving.

2. The 27-year-old, who is originally from Seoul, first had the idea when he was given the opportunity to paint a wall inside The Container Yard.

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“When The Container Yard let me paint in the building and showed me the wall, I was thinking that painting a hanbok would be cool. So I started to paint my traditions,” he told BuzzFeed.

3. His murals show the union of two different cultures that is very rarely seen, if ever.

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“It was to show that black beauty and Hanbok can come together to create something even more beautiful,” he said in a caption on one of his Instagrams.

4. “Hanbok is something real that I could give away to people as a Korean,” he said. “I’m happy to paint my culture, I’m happy to see the people happy with the gift.”

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5. Each of his pieces has an uplifting message for his audience.

6. “You will become a blessing.”

@royaldog_ / Via

7. “I’m spring, you’re a flower.”

@royaldog_ / Via

8. “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you.”

@royaldog_ / Via

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