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    31 Things From Target That’ll Make Your Home Instantly Look Magazine-Worthy

    As if you didn't already have a Target obsession...

    1. A neutral quilt for your master bedroom that looks more expensive than it is. Having neutral bedding creates endless capabilities for throw pillows, blankets, and wall décor.

    Neutral quilt on bed.

    2. An adjustable floor lamp that's automatically going to make your living room look 10x better.

    Floor lamp on ground.

    3. A wall art set to make creating an eye-catching gallery wall more effortless than ever.

    Three wall art pieces arranged on a wall.

    4. A wire basket, so you have somewhere to store your favorite throw blankets. A basket is a great way to add some storage to your living room that doesn't distract from the décor.

    Wire basket with blanket in it.

    5. A three-tiered spice rack to help achieve that picture-perfect organized aesthetic in your working kitchen.

    Spice rack.

    6. A velvet Novogratz sofa that will be the centerpiece to your living room. Your friends won't be able to take their eyes off it. Did we mention that it converts into a bed, too?

    Couch sitting in living room.

    7. A round mirror for adding dimension to any room in your home or apartment you place it in. This accent mirror will bring your living room to a whole new level.

    Mirror mounted on wall in living room

    8. A set of glass mixing bowls that are both practical and chic. These are perfect for all your kitchen needs.

    Glass mixing bowls being used for baking.

    9. An abstract print to add to your magazine-inspired gallery wall. More is more when it comes to any gallery wall.

    Panting hanging on wall

    10. A mid-century TV stand that will add depth and storage to your apartment.

    TV stand in living room.

    11. A chic bar tool kit, because this will enhance your at-home bar experience. Quarantine cocktails never looked so good.

    Bar kit on bar

    12. A welcome station that is the perfect organizational piece for your entryway. You'll never throw your mask or keys on the couch again.

    Entry organization mounted on wall.

    13. A Ninja specialty coffee maker – this piece is the perfect addition to your kitchen counter.

    Ninja coffee machine on counter

    14. A coordinated set of bathroom accessories for making your bathroom look pulled together — plus these won't take up too much counter space!

    Bathroom accessories sitting on counter.

    15. A bar cabinet that has enough storage for all your alcohol and glasses. A bar cabinet is an easy way to spruce up your living room and clear clutter.

    Bar cabinet sitting in room.

    16. A shower curtain with a simple design to help make it appear that your bathroom is bigger than it actually is!

    Shower curtain hung on shower rod.

    17. A bedside table, because this'll instantly elevate the aesthetic of any bedroom you place it in.

    Bedside table in bedroom

    18. A Novogratz upholstered bed so you can give your bedroom a luxurious feel. You'll feel like royalty sleeping in this bed!

    Upholstered bed in bedroom.

    19. A set of cotton bathroom towels because this is an easy way to spruce up your bathroom and tie it all together.

    20. A kitchen cart as an easy way to add more counter space to your kitchen.

    Kitchen cart displayed in kitchen.

    21. A T-fal set of nonstick cookware that will make cooking easier than ever. You'll never wonder where the lid to your saucepan is again!

    The set of pots and pans

    22. A five-piece dining table set so perfect it will instantly elevate your dining room and make it look magazine-esque.

    The wooden chairs with fabric seating

    23. A vintage rug that will instantly pull your room together. No room is complete without an accent rug.

    Vintage rug in living room.

    24. A fake hanging plant that looks so real you'll forget it's fake. This small piece of décor makes your space picture-perfect.

    Hanging plants

    25. A chunky throw blanket so cozy, you'll never want to leave the couch again. Did we mention that this can tie any bedroom or living room together in a pinch?

    Chunky throw blanket.

    26. A decorative throw pillow to pull out the colors in your couch and accent rug.

    Yellow pillow styled on couch

    27. A floating shelf that can be placed in any room to make it have that effortlessly staged look like in the magazines.

    Floating shelve mounted on wall and styled.

    28. An oversized candle that works as both décor and a room freshener. These large candles have been all over the magazine scene.

    Candle on table.

    29. A decorative wall clock because no gallery wall is complete without a wall clock.

    Wall clock mounted on wall.

    30. A set of wooden trays that can be used for serving or decoration. One of these would look great on your coffee table with a décor book!

    Tray decorated on counter.

    31. A ceramic vase – the perfect accent piece for any room you're trying to make magazine-inspired.


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