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    25 Pet Products From Amazon To Have On-Hand For Any Pet-Related Emergencies

    These products are ~pawsome~ to have on-hand the next time Sir Walter pees on your new couch.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A handheld carpet cleaner for when your furry friend has an accident on your white carpet. This allows you to clean up pet accidents quickly and efficiently.

    French Bulldog sitting next to Bissel Pet Stain Eraser PowerBrush.

    Promising review: "Love! A must for pet owners! It’s light and easy to take wherever you want. Especially when I was going room to room cleaning up spots. I cleaned carpet stains, porch cushions, and car trunk. I was very impressed how well such a small machine worked. Definitely would recommend for a portable cleaner! Also, it was easy to clean the actual machine. I don’t feel like I’m spreading grossness from place to place with a dirty machine. Definitely add this to your Christmas gift list!" —Christina C

    Price: $119.99

    2. A Furbo treat-tossing pet camera to make sure your pet doesn't get into any mischief. You'll always know who knocked over your favorite vase from now on.


    Promising review: "I would rate this a perfect 10 if it were possible! The product itself is amazing and perfect for us that worry about our babies when we leave the house. I can see what they are up to anywhere I go whenever I want. When it's pitch black, it has a night vision camera so you can still see them. I was hesitant at first thinking my 2-year-old 115-lb German shepherd would just plow it over when he first heard my voice but thanks to the training video and advice on how to introduce your pet to it that didn't happen. If anyone reading this worries about your pets while away then trust me you want this!! Also very importantly the customer service team is mind-blowing. They are professional, patient and kind!!" —Lori S

    Price: $133.99

    3. A roller pet-hair remover for when your pet's shedding is getting too out of control.

    Couch before and after using pet roller.

    Promising review: "About four years ago, I adopted Daisy, who I was told was a shorthaired mixed Siamese / alley cat. Little did I know that she would be more medium hair and about the sheddiest animal I've ever owned. My wife and I love her, but because most apartment housing doesn't allow animals because of dander, we were getting to the point that we were going to give her away. I saw a video on YouTube about the ChomChom Roller and I was convinced after seeing a guy remove all of the white pet fur off of a velvet topper. This thing is amazing! It even got hair off of the carpet that our vacuum cleaner couldn't get. It is easy to clean and well worth the money! It is so much more effective than any lint roller I've ever purchased, and I was even able to get her fur off of my jeans. Get this thing!" —K. Patao

    Price: $24.95

    4. A portable paw-cleaner to stop the tracking of dirt on your clean floors. Say bye to cleaning up paw prints daily.

    Before and after of a customer using paw cleaning gadget.

    Promising review: "I didn't believe in it but after reading all the reviews I thought I'd give it a shot. This is awesome! My dog almost daily steps in icky stuff and since we have carpeting, cleaning the paws was always a challenge. This is quick to use, it only takes a few rotations, even with my dog's wiggly but I can manage to do it myself in a matter of minutes. The size runs a little big but still works great. Seems to be dishwasher safe so far too. Just had the perfect before and after pic so I thought I'd share :)" —Rachael

    Price: $12.89

    5. An all-natural dog healing balm for when your pet runs outside in the cold and their paws are all cracked.,

    Promising review: "I’ve been using the puppy paw smoother for my dog and it’s amazing! I apply it every morning and at night and I can feel a difference on his paws. They were pretty rough before, but once in started applying the paw smoother his paws have been smoother. The other balms are also amazing, but by far I really like the paw smoother and the paw protector. These balms are also great on the go!" —Heidi Gil

    Price: $20.30 or Subscribe & Save for $19.29/two months

    6. A pet odor-eliminating candle if your friends refuse to come over because it smells too much like your pet.

    Odor eliminating candle sitting on table.

    Promising review: "I have multiple dogs in the house and am always concerned that it smells like that to visitors even cleaning everyday. I have use other candles and melts that add a pleasant smell to the underlying odor, but One Fur All Pet House Candles do better. I have been able to leave the house for hours and when I first open the door, on my return, I don't smell dog. We recently had a house full of people (many of them pet parents) over for Christmas dinner and it was actually commented 'Your house smells really nice. How do you keep the dog smell out?' I laughed and told them I was just wondering if the candles were working. I guess I got the BEST answer." —LLL Texas

    Price: $21.95 or Subscribe & Save for $20.85/two months

    7. A nail grinder for your dog when their nails start catching on blankets and furniture. Please use this before it's too late for your couch pillows.

    Two dogs with nail grinder after their owner trimmed their nails.

    Promising review: " I've always been a little afraid of trimming my dogs nails for fear of cutting too short. I have two small dogs and their nails grow fast, so I finally decided it was time to learn because paying to have them trimmed so frequently was too expensive. This grinder came with information on how to trim the nail which made me feel more confident. The grinder worked great and it was my first time using it. I was able to use by myself without having someone else hold my dogs. Both of my dogs did really well with the grinder. I allowed them to get adjusted to the sound first and rewarded them with treats throughout the process. They wiggled a bit at times, but overall stayed still and allowed me to trim. I love how quiet the grinder is. Highly recommend!" —fashion lover

    Price: $29.99

    8. An all-natural dog shampoo to help when your groomer can't squeeze you in and your pet needs a bath ASAP.


    Promising review: "I have an American bulldog/Amstaff mix and a bulldog mix. Both breeds are more prone to skin irritations or allergies or just 'the itchies.' I also foster many dogs and pups. My current foster pup is recovering from mange and is finally growing his hair back. I'm always a little sketchy about trying a new shampoo for the dogs. I'm always afraid they will have some weird break out somewhere, usually between their toes. I try to go as natural as possible and hopefully something soothing. The oat pet lavender shampoo has not failed. The dog's fur come out clean and shiny. They are happy and they smell good and no itchy paws. There isn't a crazy amount of lather unless you used a bunch, with is fine with me. It rinses out completely, which I like. Our little 'mangy' foster pup is healing well and the oat pet lavender does not irritate his skin and with a good diet and a little love and lavender shampoo he's almost back to a normal puppy fur and ready for adoption. I will be buying more right after I post this! See my dogs in pics." —Melanie E.

    Price: $9.45 or Subscribe & Save for $8.98/four months

    9. A pet heating pad for when you're training a puppy to sleep through the night and they're just not getting it.

    Dog laying on heating pad.

    Promising review: "First of all, this pad is perfect! Our 10-week-old Yorkie-chon puppy was struggling to sleep through the night, and I was losing my sanity with no sleep! Also, she is terrified of the blow drier, but shivered for an hour after baths even when snuggled up in a towel on my lap. So- I decided to try this heated pad for after baths and bedtime. Wow! She LOVES it! No more shivers while she gets combed out after baths and she sleeps a solid five hours in her crate at night before whining to go out to pee! That’s soooo much better than the every-two-hours routine we had going on! I think she was just used to warm siblings, and this did the trick." —Lyndiana Jones

    Price: $26.99

    10. A pet gate, because your pet destroys the furniture when he's allowed in the living room on his own.

    Dog leaning over pet gate.

    Promising review: "We purchased this gate for the stairwell leading to our basement to keep our dog upstairs. It receives daily traffic from our three teenagers and we wanted a gate that will stand up to a lot of use. We also wanted a gate the swings both directions and this does that. This gate is perfect. We are very satisfied with the high quality of this product and the easily understood installation instructions. Thanks for a wonderful product that is doing exactly the job we want it to!" —Amazon Customer

    Price: $36.99

    11. A Levoit air purifier for when your pet allergies are acting up, and you need a quick solution.

    Reviewer's before-and-after of dirty filter next to clean filter

    Promising review: "This is a GREAT investment! I purchased this air filter because I’ve become more sensitive to my cat’s dander. I would wake up with a stuffy/runny nose every morning. Since I’ve purchased this filter, I wake up completely clear. The night mode is ideal for those who like a completely quiet room. I honestly need some white noise in the background, as I live on a busy NYC boulevard. It is PERFECT. I set it on one of the higher settings, and it cancels out the noise as well as cleaning the air in my bedroom as I sleep. It works very efficiently and does a great job of getting rid of any unpleasant odors. If I am cooking, I’ll close the bedroom door and run the filter. When I come back in, you can literally smell and feel that the air is cleaner, fresher and lighter. Very sleek and modern design, and looks absolutely beautiful in any room. I purchased this filter two months ago and have intentionally waited to ensure that I provide an honest review. 5+ STARS all around. A great product for a phenomenal price! A great investment for your own health and life." —Natalie

    Price: $119.95

    12. A slow-feeder dog bowl because this'll be a quick solution if your dog keeps eating so quickly they get sick...all over your carpet.

    Pet sitting next to their slow feeder bowl.

    Promising review: "These dog bowls are amazing! This version has larger spaces so it's easier for my dog to get the food than in the spiral and the flower shape one but for a dog with a large snout or bit tongue this is still effective. My smaller dog (45 lbs) doesn't get much of a challenge with this shape, but the larger one does. My dogs had gotten in to a competitive eating thing all of a sudden and the younger (4-year-old) and much bigger one (80-lb ridgeback) started eating so fast she vomited every meal. I bought these to force her to slow down. I got three different shapes so I could switch them out to keep eating a challenge which is good mental stimulation for dogs. This completely solved the easing too fast problem. Both dogs adapted easily to using them. These were well worth the money. These bowls do make them drool more when eating but I just throw them in the dishwasher regularly and that takes care of the cleaning" —Rachel

    Price: $11.99

    13. The ultimate cat scratcher for your favorite feline so they'll stop ruining the chair your grandma passed down to you.

    Cat lounging on luxurious cat scratcher.

    Promising review: "I know what you are thinking - I am not spending $50 on a cat scratcher. I thought the same thing myself. But this is so much more than a cat scratcher. It is a great design and durable. We had the first one for two years. I took another reviewer's suggestion of cutting it in half when the outside becomes completely shredded, so then the inner part can be shredded. My cat though prefers sleeping in the sun in its original design. So it is a cat scratcher, a cat bed, and a beautiful design. My cat loves it and so it has definitely been worth the $50." —ape

    Price: $49.95

    14. A package of puppy training pads because your puppy is terrified of going outside, but they need somewhere other than your carpet to pee on.

    Pet looking up at camera from training pad.

    Promising review: "My darling little puppy took to these immediately. My sweet little guy was only 2 pounds when I brought him home and he was afraid of everything. Going outside was scary. So these pads just made it easy for him. I didn't need to spray any additional scent on the pads to get him to use them. He especially liked the ones I put behind a chair for privacy. Apparently they like their privacy. And with the weather turning cold and lots of rain, these are a must. He is up to 4.9 pounds and doing wonderfully. He occasionally just misses the pad so I have added an additional pad just in case. They aren't wasted if he doesn't go on them, but he has more cheering and 'What a good boy you are.'" —Dazzle

    Price: $29.99 or Subscribe & Save for $28.49/two months

    15. A self-cleaning brush to help when your pet's hair is tangled after a day of playing in the yard, and you can't make it to the groomer.

    First image: dog smiling after being brushed. Second image: garbage bag full of brushed dog hair.

    Promising review: "This brush is, in a word: FABULOUS! Our 2-year-old Shiba is constantly shedding all over the house, even though he's regularly groomed. He has an undercoat that was not being thoroughly brushed with the ineffective grooming gloves we were previously using. This brush removed a handful + of hair, including the loose hair from the undercoat! He also seemed to really enjoy being brushed (I was careful to be gentle). It was a breeze to clean with the ingenious button/retraction design. Don't hesitate to get it, unless you like dog hair deposited all over your house LOL." —Sunstressed

    Price: $15.99

    16. A self-cleaning litter box for when you're struggling to clean your cat's litter every day and it is starting to s-m-e-l-l.

    Self-cleaning litter box.

    Promising review: "As a cat owner, the one thing we all dread is the daily cleanup of the litter box. It sparked countless arguments on whose turn it was on the daily. Then one day, we stumbled upon this lifesaver. This is an automated litter box that detects the change of weight when a cat hops in to do its business and waits 20 minutes until its 'gift' is no longer new. Then it rakes it to a small container where it resides until it is emptied. This has drastically changed the daily removal to a weekly basis and has made the family more than happy. The raking system does not use litter sand but a crystalized version that does not clump in order to make it easier to move from one location to the other. Even though this litter box is a little on the expensive side, the convenience and lack of issues it has given us over the past few years have made it a worthy investment. We used the subscribe feature Amazon offers to get the crystals every month and it has worked fantastically ever since!" —Roberto Moedano

    Price: $139.95

    17. A container of dog ear wipes to use when your dog is constantly itching their ears and they have an intense smell.

    Dog ear before and after using wipe.

    Promising review: "My coonhound always seems to have smelly itchy ears. I'm hoping to use these as maintenance rather than having the vet charge every other month.

    The wipes smell nice, and make cleaning the gunk easy. They are really saturated, which I'm sure helps with the cleaning, so I followed up with a paper towel to help dry his ears afterwards. He didn't seem to mind at all, and I haven't seen him shaking his head like before." —Rina

    Price: $10.39 or Subscribe & Save for $9.87/two months

    18. A package of deodorizing wipes for when your pet refuses to take a bath and you need to do *something* to get them clean.

    Puppy sitting on deodorizing wipes.

    Promising review: "Love these wipes! We have two large rescue dogs, and one has sensitive skin and grass allergies that make him chew incessantly on his paws. He also HATES baths and pretty much refuses to take one, so these things are a miracle. I used about six wipes on him from nose to tail and he seemed to really enjoy the experience. He was visibly cleaner afterward, with a shiny soft coat and a MUCH more pleasant smell about him! We got the “unscented” variety due to his sensitivities and there was no adverse reaction. The wipes still have a very light fragrance, though, something that’s clean and fresh; I’m guessing it’s coming from the aloe, awapuhi, and/or some other ingredient. I’ve also used them to wipe out the other dog’s ears and they worked like a charm for that too. I would definitely recommend these to other pet owners. In fact, I think I’m going to get another pack to keep in the car for pet and human use alike! :)" —Amazon Customer

    Price: $11.99 or Subscribe & Save for $10.79/two months

    19. A flea and tick preventative because every time you go to the dog park, your pet comes back with fleas.

    Dog looking happy after flea and tick preventative.

    Promising review: "I read a lots of reviews on different brands and decided on this one. GREAT IDEA! There is no bad odor, if anything, it's odorless. My dog loves the flavor of it too. He actually sits when he sees me getting the toothpaste out because he thinks it's a treat. We just started using it two weeks ago and have already noticed an improvement on some buildup on his back teeth. Recommend!" — Josh Middleton

    Price: $29.98 or Subscribe & Save for $27.53/two months. H

    20. A batch of hemp calming treats for anyone whose pet screams and cries every time you take them in the car.

    Dog calmly sitting on floor next to owners feet.

    Promising review: "My little guy deals with anxiety related to car rides, fireworks, the doorbell, pretty much anything sudden that he can't see coming. He cries and climbs all over us and its just heartbreaking. The problem we have faced with anxiety medication is that it seems to force a calm mood on him. His eyes are still so scared but its like he can't even move to try to get away anymore, which is so much worse for us to see and probably for him too.

    This product doesn't seem to do that to him. He can sleep in the car now, which almost made me cry when I saw it. He curled right up next to me and slept most of the way home for almost an hour. One time we did give him double the amount recommended by accident, we both gave him one without knowing the other had, and he seemed fine. We gave him more water to drink just in case but he didn't have any negative problems we could see. We have a subscription to this now. We are so grateful for the product and the calm it has helped give our baby in his most stressful moments." —Abi

    Price: $29.96 or Subscribe & Save for $26.96/two months

    21. A citrus pet odor eliminator and cleaner spray because this'll get to work QUICKLY the next time your pet tracks mud onto your new couch.

    Carpet before and after using citrus pet odor eliminator spray.

    Promising review: "We have a couple of dogs at the house and during the summer the heat really amplifies their scent. This definitely did the trick to get rid of it! Just make sure you’re a fan of oranges. This smells exactly like you just juiced several gallons of fresh squeezed juice. The scent lasts about a day so we use it pretty frequently." —mc

    Price: $20.97 or Subscribe & Save for $19.92/two months

    22. A package of Pill Pockets that'll truly save the day if your pup is on antibiotics and they refuse to take them with anything else.

    Dog looking happily at Pill Pocket.

    Promising review: "These Pill Pockets have worked very well for our picky dog. She's only 3 and has severe arthritis in her hind legs so she takes pain pills throughout the day. I haven't been able to find anything to disguise her pills, except human food which I hate giving her. Every time she hears the bag, she starts drooling because she knows she is getting a 'treat.' I usually hate the smell of dog treats or food, and these smell pretty tasty. The texture is nice and I'm able to split one pocket, into two so they last longer. The pills I give her are pretty big too, so its nice that I am able to easily wrap a half a pill pocket around one pill. Greenies Pill Pockets are going to be a monthly purchase for me for many years to come! And at an affordable price!" —Sandra

    Price: $5.82

    23. A bottle of No Chew spray, because your puppy is causing some serious damage to your dining room chairs.

    Bottle of anti-chew spray.

    Promising review: "Thank God. I had my doubts but this product saved me a lot of stress. My beagle is lonely when he is alone and he took to chewing on the door. But I sprayed the No Chew and it stopped instantly. I’m renting and this could have been a bigger disaster." —Andrew Brickweg

    Price: $14.97

    24. A package of probiotic bites for your pup, because your pet's gas can clear the room.

    Owner holding treat above three dogs.

    Promising review: "In addition to having my own dog (75 lb 5.5-year-old labradoodle). I take packs of six to eight dogs off leash hiking on the mountain trails around Salt Lake City every morning, rain, snow or shine. We have every breed and age and size in the pack. Sometimes I board these dogs in my home as well. All dog owners know that dogs eat all sorts of junk they find, and the same is true on trail. My own pooch is a dumpster-diver any chance he gets and all the dogs eat grass, sticks, deer poop, each others poop, dead animal parts, you name it. This type of thing isn't usually harmful, but can definitely cause GI upset. I have been giving these to my dog and the other dogs in my care for a few weeks now and they ALL love them and not a single one has had smelly gas or vomited. In one of my pictures you can see a Vizsla who came to my house on medication for vomiting and stomach upset. I can ABSOLUTELY recommend these probiotics for any dog! I usually save them to give my dog when he gets into something he shouldn't or dad gives him table scraps but they're safe for everyday use too. " —Kate Mahoney

    Price: $34.97 or Subscribe & Save for $31.47/two months

    25. A package of cat nail caps that'll help when your cat is ruining all your furniture with their scratching.

    Cat wearing nail caps.

    Promising review: "Our cat is 13 years old. He has loved adding his spin on art work (scratching) on our furniture. We do not believe in declawing and scratching posts are just not as tempting as sofas evidently. We just had another baby and when she was a few weeks old we decided to buy new furniture. At 4 in the morning with next to no sleep, I hear his TRIMMED claws pull at our new sectional. Pretty sure I could feel my blood start to boil. I decide the chance of sleep was greater than the risk of damage to my new furniture. These came quickly and my 17-year-old thought our black cat would look great with hot pink nails. Turns out he did. And he seems to think he is a diva now. He doesn't seem to mind them at all. In fact, he will sit on the sofa, extend his nails, and carefully clean around them. They have been on for a few days and the goofy cat seems to like them. Very simple to apply. He will forever have lovely colorful nails." —Dana & Kevin

    Price: $5.99 for a set of 100

    How you feel when you know you're prepared for any pet emergency.


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