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    28 Best-Selling Things From Wayfair That Just Might Become The Most Useful Thing In Your Home

    From large furniture to small essentials below, you'll find useful items to add to your home today.

    1. A Kuhnhenn kitchen cart that'll add more counter space to your small kitchen. This cart is the perfect addition to your kitchen when you need more counter space, and you'll use this daily.

    Portable kitchen cart.

    2. A wicker basket to hold anything and everything. These wicker baskets can store pillows, blankets, kitchen items, and so much more.

    Wicker basket.

    3. A set of floating shelves that are perfect for any room in the house. These can be used as storage in the kitchen or as decoration in the living room.

    Floating shelves with home decor on them.

    4. A wall-mounted bathroom cabinet to be used as a medicine cabinet or over-the-toilet storage. You'll never wonder where to store your skincare again!

    Wall mounted cabinet in bathroom.

    5. A wooden TV stand because your television deserves a nice podium. This best-seller works as both a stand and storage, perfect for any situation.

    TV stand with television on top.

    6. A Nespresso espresso and coffee machine by Breville so you don't have to run out every time you need a coffee kick. This appliance is the perfect addition to your kitchen, and the coffee does not disappoint.

    Nespresso machine.

    7. An adjustable standing desk because it doesn't look like WFH is changing anytime soon. An adjustable desk is perfect when you feel restless sitting all day.

    Adjustable standing desk in office space.

    8. An air fryer so you can jump on the trend. In 2020 air fryers became all the rage, and we can see why! They're the perfect kitchen appliance for easy at-home dinners. You can cook virtually anything in this in under 30 minutes!

    Air fryer with food in it.

    9. A Novogratz sofa that'll transform into a futon. This couch is perfect for unexpected house guests or at-home movie nights. Changing it from couch to futon is as easy as one two three!

    Photo one: velvet couch; Photo two: couch pulled out as futon.

    10. A bar cabinet so you can properly store your favorite alcohol and other items. This multi-purpose cabinet will be your go-to when you're figuring out how to optimize space.

    Bar cabinet with bottles and decor.

    11. A 16-piece dinner set because there's nothing more useful in a home than a good set of dishes. This dish set is only available in white, but the line design provides more depth than other plate sets! You will use these timeless dishes every day.

    Dinner set styled on table.

    12. An aesthetically pleasing desk chair to pair with your adjustable desk. Since we're basically living at our desks this year, why not make it fashionable?

    Desk chair sitting in office.

    13. A full-length mirror because no room is complete without one. This full-length mirror is great quality, perfect for OOTD selfies, and brightens any room you put it in. There's no doubt you'll be using it every day.

    Mirror leaning on wall.

    14. A cold brew coffee maker because this is essential for any cold brew drinker. As an owner of this, I can say it's a life-changer and money-saver. I use it all the time!

    Cold brew coffee maker.

    15. A set of best-selling Egyptian cotton bath towels that'll make you feel like you're at the spa every time you shower. A good set of towels is an easy way to add luxury to your everyday life, and you'll always use them.

    White bath towels.

    16. A beauty organizer so you can know where all your beauty products are with just a glance. This useful home item will help you stay organized and clear up clutter.

    Beauty organizer sitting on bathroom counter.

    17. An adjustable drawer organizer because there's nothing more annoying than digging for the spatula. This small item brings significant improvement to your home, and you'll use it a lot!

    Bamboo drawer organizer inside drawer.

    18. A Novogratz platform bed that'll go with any home décor. It's safe to say this will be one of your most-used items in your home!

    Platform bed in bedroom.

    19. A bestselling coffee table so you'll never wonder where to sit your coffee or display your favorite décor book. Adding a coffee table in front of your couch is a great way to add functionality to your living room.

    Coffee table sitting in living room.

    20. An under-the-sink organizer that'll reduce clutter in your kitchen or bathroom. Use this item to hold cleaning supplies, extra hygiene products, or food canisters. You'll be shocked how often you use this, and you'll wonder why it took you so long to buy one!

    Pull out drawer with cleaning products.

    21. An adjustable shower caddy so your shower products are easy to grab. Did we mention that this shower caddy is flexible, and you can place shelves at whatever height desired?

    Shower caddy placed in shower.

    22. A gold end table that'll provide more table space for your living room. An end table is perfect to sit next to your couch or decorative chair. A perk is that there's no assembly required for this table!

    End table staged next to chair.

    23. A set of 100% cotton sheets so no matter what bed you're sleeping in, it feels like a luxury. You'll never want to leave bed while wrapped in these sheets.

    A set of sheets displayed on bed.

    24. A Dyson vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning everyday messes quick and efficient. This Dyson vacuum is battery-operated, can switch to handheld, and works on all floor surfaces.

    Dyson being used to pickup food mess.

    25. A Cuisinart stainless-steel cookware set because it's time to throw out the mismatched pots and pans. With this 13-piece set, you'll be able to take your cooking skill to the next level.

    Cuisinart Professional 13 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

    26. A set of monogramed coasters that'll protect any table from everyday drink damage. These customizable coasters are perfect for the living room, office, or bedroom.

    Monogramed coaster.

    27. A multi-colored area rug to hide any stains or dirt that comes in contact with it. This stylish rug comes in 12 color variations and is perfect for high-traffic rooms!

    Rug rolled out in living room.

    28. A Hayden electric tea kettle that'll boil water faster than on the stove. Along with using this kettle all the time, it's modern design adds to your kitchen décor.

    Tea kettle sitting on counter top.

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