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    There's A "Zoey 101" Reunion Happening And 8-Year-Old Me Is Screaming

    "Are you ready?"

    About a week ago, Jamie Lynn Spears posted this photo on Instagram that got a ton of Millennial-Gen Z cuspers excited about a potential Zoey 101 reboot.

    Both Paul Butcher and Chris Massey — AKA Dustin and Michael — left some cryptic comments.

    Also, the name "Sean" was very clearly visible in the pic of Jamie's script, and Sean Flynn played Chase in the original series.

    Jamie Lynn Spears /, Nickelodeon

    So today, I'm here to tell you the good news: There IS going to be a Zoey 101 reunion, and pretty much the entire cast (!!!!!) is involved.

    Now before you get too hyped up, this isn't a Zoey 101 reboot, but actually a reboot of the infamous All That sketch, "Thelma Stump."


    Jamie Lynn will be reprising her role as Thelma Stump, and the rest of the Zoey 101 crew will 100% be involved.

    Frank Micelotta / Getty Images, Nickelodeon

    And here's some more good news: Even though Victoria Justice isn't in the pic, Jamie Lynn STILL tagged her. So I think it's safe to assume that Victoria will somehow be a part of the sketch too!

    Nickelodeon / Jamie Lynn Spears /

    The sketch is set to air in early 2020 on All That. So until then, I'll be very patiently waiting for the reunion of my dreams!!!!