There's A "Zoey 101" Reunion Happening And 8-Year-Old Me Is Screaming

    "Are you ready?"

    About a week ago, Jamie Lynn Spears posted this photo on Instagram that got a ton of Millennial-Gen Z cuspers excited about a potential Zoey 101 reboot.

    Both Paul Butcher and Chris Massey — AKA Dustin and Michael — left some cryptic comments.

    Also, the name "Sean" was very clearly visible in the pic of Jamie's script, and Sean Flynn played Chase in the original series.

    So today, I'm here to tell you the good news: There IS going to be a Zoey 101 reunion, and pretty much the entire cast (!!!!!) is involved.

    Now before you get too hyped up, this isn't a Zoey 101 reboot, but actually a reboot of the infamous All That sketch, "Thelma Stump."

    Jamie Lynn will be reprising her role as Thelma Stump, and the rest of the Zoey 101 crew will 100% be involved.

    And here's some more good news: Even though Victoria Justice isn't in the pic, Jamie Lynn STILL tagged her. So I think it's safe to assume that Victoria will somehow be a part of the sketch too!

    The sketch is set to air in early 2020 on All That. So until then, I'll be very patiently waiting for the reunion of my dreams!!!!