Zendaya Finally Did Our Puppy Interview, And The Cuteness Is Absolutely Overwhelming

    Zendaya assured us that her character will definitely be in more than seven minutes of Dune: Part Two.

    So, you know Zendaya.

    Zendaya wearing an oversized blazer, posing with her hands clasped together and smiling

    Well, to celebrate the release of Dune: Part Two, we invited her both to sit down, relax, and answer a few questions, all while playing with the most precious puppies in the world.

    Zendaya playing with puppies

    It was a delightful time for everyone.

    Zendaya in a green suit reacts joyfully to a small puppy

    She told us we can expect much more of her Dune character this time around, after only being in the first movie for, well, seven minutes:

    Closeup of Zendaya playing with puppies

    She talked about going to Beyoncé's Renaissance tour and getting a shoutout:

    Zendaya playing with puppies

    She even said her "Roman Empire" is thinking about how all of her old (but iconic) Instagram photos will come back to haunt her every few years:

    Photo collage of Zendaya in various poses and outfits with captioned quotes

    Watch all 14 minutes of her pure puppy sweetness here:

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    And be sure to check her out in Dune: Part Two, which comes out in theaters March 1.

    Screenshot from "Dune: Part Two"

    To learn more about these adorable puppies, or to adopt one of your own, head on over to Pup Culture Rescue.

    Closeup of Zendaya with puppies