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    15 Male TV Characters Who Started Out Great But Eventually Became 100% Garbage


    We asked the BuzzFeed Community which male TV characters they started off loving but ended up hating. They had SO much to say that we made a whole other post. Here's what they said:

    🚨Warning: There are spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy


    "He dated Amelia and Cristina, who both said they didn’t want kids before they got married. But then he tortured and yelled at them for not wanting kids. Owen Hunt is the worst EVER." —amhcat1329

    2. Jughead Jones from Riverdale

    The CW

    "In the first season, he was tolerable. Ever since he joined The Serpents and faked his death, I just can't watch him anymore. He is just so annoying. Every time I see a scene with him, I either skip it or just don’t pay attention." —random_user6274

    3. Jimmy Lishman/Steve Wilton from Shameless


    "I thought he was a nice guy and really loved Fiona, but then all of his lies started to unravel. By the end, he became pushy and desperate to win Fiona back, even though she was much happier without him." —emily_davis

    4. Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother


    "As the series progressed, it became clear how whiny and self-serving he was! He became an entitled, holier than thou ingrate." —ashleyp459897ecc

    5. Lawrence Walker from Insecure


    "I kinda felt bad for him in Season 1 — he was such a good guy! But then as the seasons went on, he'd cheated on his new girl with Issa, ditched her in front of her family, and when she decided to forgive him, he went out for drinks and flirted up the waitress. It was the birth of a fuckboy. What a piece of shit!" —monirotten88

    6. Barry Allen from The Flash

    The CW

    "The show rarely focuses on him anymore, but whenever it does, he keeps repeating his same mistakes. I also feel like he’s let off the hook way too easily. He totally erases family members from existence but then everyone forgives him by the end of the episode." —10grvery

    7. Luca Hall from Grown-ish


    "That guy is selfish, annoying, and dense." —anoninma

    8. Harvey Kinkle from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


    "He was great in Season 1. He was sweet, funny, and all that jazz. Now, I just cringe every time he shows up on screen. He doesn't even have to be doing anything, just his presence annoys me. As soon as he started disliking Sabrina because of her powers, I lost all faith in him and just hated him. No one messes with my girl." —lilithstormgoddess

    9. Matt Donovan from The Vampire Diaries

    The CW

    "At first, I thought he was sweet and that he truly cared for Elena and the rest of his friends. After Season 4, he just became HORRIBLE!!! He was so annoying and whiny. The fact that he’s still alive and human blows my mind." —elexisgrace

    10. Mr. Big from Sex and the City

    HBO / Warner Bros.

    "He was an absolute charmer in the first few seasons and I totally understood Carrie's obsession with him. He turned out to be an absolute pig! He acted like he needed her, but then just turned his back on her and left. He also kept treating her like dirt throughout the rest of the show — she never should've ended up with him. It ruined the entire show! He was selfish, mean, and only cared about Carrie when she was in a relationship and happy. He is the definition of a toxic man!" —kiarac2909

    11. Fez from That '70s Show


    "He was constantly sexualizing women and always felt entitled to have all of his sexual needs met by any girl he encountered." —wallows

    12. Lucious Lyon from Empire


    "Cookie is an absolute queen and deserves so much better than him." —amberg4d1c18df5

    13. Bran Stark from Game of Thrones


    "He started out as a young, rambunctious kid whose life was turned upside down. He had so much responsibility and hardship thrown at him, but he battled through it because he thought he was getting called to something greater. By the end of the series, he ended up literally just squinting, staring, making awkward conversation. And we KNOW he did not deserve the throne." —plambertiana

    14. Preston Burke from Grey's Anatomy


    "He was a dick to almost everyone for no reason whatsoever. Not only did he leave Cristina at the altar, but he used her for his own personal gain when he shouldn't have been operating. When he won a Harper Avery Award, he didn't even thank Cristina." —jbanuelos4

    15. And finally, Dean Forester from Gilmore Girls

    The WB

    "I thought he was a really good first boyfriend for Rory, but as the show progressed, he just got worse and worse. He became super controlling and made the absolute worst decisions. Team Jess all the way!" —hydejackie4eva

    Note: Responses have been edited for length/clarity.

    And of course, if your favorite — or least favorite — characters aren't on this list, check out our first post here.

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