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    People Shared The Weirdest Things They've Seen Their Coworkers Do, And Honestly It's A Lot

    "One of my coworkers made a Voodoo doll of me."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community about the weirdest, wildest things they've ever seen a coworker do, and TBH, their responses will shake you to your core.

    1. This chocolate surprise:

    I worked at a bakery. One day I went to get a mop and instead found a huge pile of human poop. On. The. Floor. I got a manager, and we began to investigate. We came to find out that a woman who worked there had to go to the bathroom, couldn't hold it, shit on the floor, and told no one. She didn't understand why everyone was so upset and insisted she just hadn't had time to clean it up yet. She definitely got fired.



    2. The dry shave:

    I once had a coworker shave her legs during a meeting. No water, soap, or shaving cream — just the sound of a razor running over dry skin anytime there was a pause in the conversation.


    3. This hard boiled egg TMI:

    One of my coworkers would put between 9–12 hard boiled eggs on her desk, dip them into a tub of hummus, and eat them. The stench was disgusting. Then, she would use the restroom and tell me what eating that many hard boiled eggs did to her bowel movements.



    4. This woman who gives "open office plan" a whole new meaning:

    There’s a woman at my work who NEVER closes the bathroom stall door while she uses it. I've also seen her shaving her armpits in there too.


    5. This kitchen dropping:

    My partner once saw a coworker stroll through the work kitchen looking uncomfortable. A moment later he shook his leg until a huge turd fell out of his pant leg. The coworker thought no one noticed, so he picked it up and threw it in the trash, then walked away like nothing ever happened.



    6. This booger bon appétit:

    Last year I worked at this diner, and one time my coworker picked her nose and threw the booger into to the spaghetti sauce she was making. She grabbed a spoon, and instead of getting the booger out, she asked me if I wanted to taste the sauce.


    7. This super shocking salesman:

    I worked at a car dealership, and once in the showroom one of the older salesmen actually pulled his pants down to his knees just so he could tuck his shirt in.



    8. The "hairless old man bits":

    On Fridays at my old job, we could wear jeans. One day, a coworker stopped by to chat, and his fly was down. I was 99% certain I saw pink, hairless man-bits, but I tried desperately not to look and to put the moment out of my mind. A couple weeks later, the same coworker went hurrying past me to the restroom with golf shorts tucked behind his back. Later he came out of the restroom wearing his golf shorts and carrying his trousers. Turns out he had ripped his trousers and always goes commando at work, which confirmed my horrifying run-in with the hairless man-bits!


    9. The only solution for a hot office:

    I walked into the bathroom and saw a coworker literally cutting off her underwear with a pair of scissors. She said it was because she was “hot.”



    10. This paint licker:

    I worked at a summer camp for two years. One time I witnessed another camp counselor spill the paint he was pouring for an art activity and proceed to lick the spilled paint. He also moaned in pleasure as he swallowed it.


    11. The unfortunate refrigerator find:

    I once witnessed a coworker put a stool sample in our workplace's refrigerator. She needed it for a doctor's appointment later.



    12. The "I see London, I see France":

    I once walked in on a woman at my very professional office environment who was standing in only her underwear while drying her skirt with the hand dryer.


    13. The tampon tug:

    One day one of my coworkers stood on the public floor and pulled a tampon out of herself and throw it in the trash. Luckily, there were no customers around, but it was absolutely traumatizing.



    14. These crusty muchies:

    I worked with someone who picked her scabs off her face and ATE them. We worked in a daycare center, which made it even more gross because she would do it in front of the kids.


    15. This bed that really needs some new sheets:

    I worked at an escape room, and one of the rooms had a bed in it. Two of my coworkers were dating, and they decided to make use of it, having sex several times on the bed. And the worst part is, speakers are always on in the control room, so we heard a lot of things.



    16. This lotioned and lathered lady:

    I work in a dental office and had a coworker who would stand in an exam room and put her body lotion on. She would lift her shirt and skirt to apply it under her bra and underwear. The exam rooms also had windows on one side, and she would use them as a mirror to check her coverage.


    17. This person who really needs to wash their hands and brush their teeth:

    I used to work with this girl who would take off her shoes and pick at the gunk under her toenails. She would then scrape it out from under her fingernails with her teeth. She did this all day and never washed her hands.



    18. This totally unexpected tantrum:

    My old office mate was on the phone with her dad and suddenly he said something that set her off. She proceeded to scream at the top of her lungs at him, stomp her feet while spinning around in her computer chair, kick over the trash can, and bang her fists on her desk. It was quite the sight to witness an adult woman throw a temper tantrum.


    19. This gross habit:

    An attorney I worked with was at his desk talking to me while simultaneously trimming — and eating — his fingernails.



    20. This vindictive coworker:

    I worked at a popular chicken restaurant, and one of my coworkers made a Voodoo doll of me. He was asking people if they could get some of my hair for him to use on it.


    21. This sticky snack:

    I work in a hospital and we have Q-tips all over the place for various reasons, one being to clean our stethoscope earbuds regularly. One of my coworkers uses the Q-tips to clean her ears and then she eats the earwax.


    22. This person who just needs a tissue:

    I actually had to work next to a woman who ate her boogers and the mucus from her eyes. I was so grossed out having to see this everyday, so I'm glad she quit a week and a half ago.



    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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