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    17 Tweets About Richie And Eddie From "It Chapter Two" That Are Good But Also Funny

    I'm basically a walking heart eyes emoji rn.

    🚨 Warning: This post contains spoilers! 🚨

    Last week It Chapter Two hit theaters and introduced the world to the BEST new fictional couple, Richie Tozier and Eddie Kaspbrak — aka "Reddie."

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    And my heart is so whole because of it!

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    So I did some internet sleuthing to see what other people were saying about my new favorite ship and luckily, I found some very good things.


    me: :( richie and eddie: *  * . ✨ * . * 👬 . * . 🐶 * . * . 🥡  . * * . * r + e *. *. ✨*. 🤬 *.  * *   . *. * . .   🏳️‍🌈 * . * . .🥰 *. me: :)


    the best part of IT chapter 2 was when richie and eddie got married and adopted a pomeranian together


    eddie: *putting his feet on richie’s face* richie: *rolls eyes* me:


    full offence but richie took eddie’s suitcases with him when he left derry and now he sleeps with one of eddie’s shirts because it still smells like him


    They're an old married couple with three pomeranians #reddie #ITChapter2


    it chapter 2 should of ended of eddie helping the losers beating pennywise & he feels so proud of himself and richie is so proud of him and when they get out richie admits his feelings to eddie and they end up getting a house and buying a pomeranian dog together


    interviewer: so finn, richie and eddie are like brothers huh? finn:


    richie & eddie— my favorite boys.


    and the correct equation in this lesson is R + E because richie loves eddie.


    richie adjusting his glasses when eddie is talking to him bc that’s his crush and he’s nervous


    eddie kaspbrak took off the dumb showercap because he didn't wanna seem lame infront of richie. and i Know he would've applauded stanley for the idea of protecting their hair from insects. the boy is gay. case closed.


    "as an adult, Richie returns to this site after Eddie's death to say goodbye to his first love"


    richie only took a small duffle bag and wore one jacket. he probably didn’t even have a spare. eddie brought two suitcases. richie left his jacket with eddie. eddie’s suitcases were most likely left with richie. richie wears a hoodie in the end scene. is it eddie’s...?


    over 27 years later richie still makes sure he’s holding on to eddie to make sure he’s okay whenever pennywise shows up



    eddie, slapping richie with his foot: is this how gays flirt


    #reddie Richie really went back to Carve his and Eddie’s Initials on the kissing bridge.

    Are YOU a "Reddie" shipper too? In the comments below, let us know your thoughts about It Chapter Two's most adorable couple.

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