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    Here Are 15 TV Show Finales That Were Just So Bad, People Will Never Get Over Them

    I am fuming.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community which TV show finales ruined the entire show for them. Here's what they said:

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    Also, some of these submissions mention death and suicide.

    1. On Supernatural, when Castiel sacrificed himself after finally telling Dean he loved him.

    Castiel telling Dean he loves him right before he dies.
    The CW

    "They buried their gays, queer baited, and were extremely cowardly with the ending. Cas deserved better. Representation matters."


    2. On Pretty Little Liars, when it was revealed that Spencer had an evil British twin named Alex who tried to steal her identity and ruin the liars' lives once and for all.

    Spencer meets her twin Alex and she captures Spencer and inprisons her.

    "There were so many unresolved questions and dead ends from previous seasons. I felt like I wasted eight years of my life after the finale, like I was enduring the longest trolling session of my life." —mcwoodyard

    3. On Game of Thrones, when Jon Snow killed Daenerys and then Bran becomes King of Westeros after eight seasons of saying he didn't want to be ruler.

    Jon stabs Daenerys and everyone says "all hail Bran the Broken!"

    "I could write a novel on what should/shouldn't have happened in the final season. I personally believe that most of the characters were not given justice to the end of their storylines. I pretty much hated everything about the ending because it was messy, not true to the characters, and they just covered up plot holes with character deaths." —octopus4747

    4. On The Undoing, when the plot twist we were waiting for never actually happened and Jonathan admitted he really did kill Elena Alves.

    Jonathan reveals to his son that he did, in fact, murder Elena Alves and he gets arrested.

    "I was captivated throughout the limited series, but the 'there is no plot twist' plot twist irked me. My whole family saw the end coming. Since the show built up so much suspense to throw off the audience, it left too many unanswered questions by the end." —hiitsnicetomeetyou

    5. On The Vampire Diaries, when Katherine came back as the queen of hell and tried to destroy all of Mystic Falls but was defeated in an less than an hour, and Stefan sacrificed himself in the process.

    Hell begins to overcome Mystic Falls and Bonnie stops it, then Stefan sacrifices himself in order to kill Katherine, the queen of hell.
    The CW

    "The finale was so poorly done that I don't even consider it the same show as the rest of the series. It was like having Joker or Thanos defeated by a papercut. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE!!!" —redwulfgirl

    6. On The 100, Clarke killed Bellamy for basically no reason after six entire seasons of building up their friendship.

    Clarke shoots Bellamy, her closest friend, after he tries to reason with her.
    The CW

    "The entire last season was a mess, but the absolute worst part was Clarke killing Bellamy for no reason. The showrunner went out of his way to destroy six years of buildup, seemingly out of spite." —emme212

    7. On Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, when Sabrina sacrificed herself to save the world and Nick died by suicide just so he could reunite with her in the afterlife.

    Sabrina dies and Nick is in shock so he decides to die by suicide to be with her in heaven. They meet up and he tells her they'll be together forever.

    "The final season was such an unorganized mess, they tried to fit way too much in. It needed a lot of editing. I also thought Nick dying and staying with Sabrina in the afterlife was such a cheap shot. I wished they'd just let her be at peace, she seemed totally content. Nick showed up for no reason at all. It made no sense to me." —samanthab46fff2ef7

    8. On How I Met Your Mother, when we finally got to meet the mother after nine seasons, only for her to be killed off so Ted could marry Robin.

    Ted meets his wife and then he finishes the story to his kids. Then, they realize that he's really trying to tell them he's in love with Robin and they give him their blessing.

    "There was a beautiful ending right at their fingertips if they would have ended the series with the mother’s death. The moral of the story (told to the children) would have been how all the bad dates, messy breakups, bad choices, and silly shenanigans were needed and worth it, in order to meet the love of his life. That would have made for a beautiful and impactful ending to a sometimes silly coming-of-age story. Instead, they chose the basic, illogical, and disappointing ending." —mce7011

    9. On Veronica Mars, when Veronica finally married Logan, the love of her life, only for him to get killed in a car explosion a few hours later.

    Veronica and Logan get married then go back home. Logan goes to move the car and it explodes, killing him.

    "That ending ruined the entire overarching love story of the series, and destroyed the character development both Veronica and Logan had gone through. It was a slap in the face to fans who had been with the franchise for years. The fan-funded movie reboot left everything on a great note, so I expected the TV reboot to have some downturns, but that ending was unconscionable and made the show almost unwatchable. Whoever decided on that ending should be genuinely ashamed of themselves as a storyteller."


    10. On Gossip Girl, when Dan revealed he was Gossip Girl and everyone ended up forgiving him for ruining their lives.

    Blair is annoyed that everyone else isn't upset about Dan being gossip girl, they tell her she's only mad because he had more power than she ever did.
    The CW

    "How could they forgive Dan after they found out that he was Gossip Girl?!" —nilmetiner

    11. On The Originals, when Klaus decided to sacrifice himself to save his daughter, Hope, and Elijah didn't want to let his brother die alone, so they killed each other.

    Klaus and Elijah thanking each other for their journeys before killing each other.
    The CW

    "I know my boys Elijah and Klaus did not shank themselves for Hope to be weak in Legacies." —clumsyfoo94

    12. On Lost, when all the characters were assumed to have died and reunited at a church in purgatory.

    The whole group is talking and hugging inside a church. John Locke tells Jack that they've been waiting for him. Jack, back on the island, dies.

    "I think anyone who watched Lost while it aired can agree that their finale was a total dumpster fire. Fans guessed the ending and the creators promised that it would end differently, but no..." —merrishaniquab

    13. On Bones, when the lab explodes and causes Brennan to forget how to do her job but they still have to solve a case.

    The lab explodes and Brennan talks about remembering all the victims she's identified, and how important the job is, she just can't remember how to do it.

    "It was such a weird finale: the lab blows up, Bones can't remember medical facts anymore, and they still have a case to solve. It was just way too much and I felt a little let down after the finale." —monikap6

    14. On The Sopranos, when Tony, Carmela, and AJ were at a diner waiting for Meadow. Then, a mysterious-looking guy walked into the diner, Meadow entered, a bell rang, Tony looked up, and the series just ended.

    The Sopranos are sitting in a diner and then the door opens and a bell rings. Tony looks up and the screen goes black.

    "I stared blankly at the screen for so long after the finale aired. I’ve come to appreciate the ending after all these years, but it still devastated me at the time. I felt like I’d been so invested in the show and to just end it like that with zero closure was frustrating." —broadwaybby

    15. Finally, on Friends, when Rachel got off the plane and gave up her dream job to be with Ross, then got some coffee right before everyone was about to go their separate ways.

    Ross surprised that Rachel got off the plane and then the whole group standing in Monica's empty apartment deciding to go get coffee before they all leave.

    "Something just felt off about the ending, specifically the finale — the whole last season just didn’t feel right." —amorman

    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

    So, did your least favorite TV finale make the cut? Let us know in the comments!