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    27 TV Deaths That Were Totally Heartbreaking And Unexpected

    I'm already crying.

    🚨 Warning: This post contains spoilers! 🚨

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community which TV deaths destroyed them emotionally and they seriously delivered. Here's what they said:

    1. Derek Shepherd, Grey's Anatomy


    "I knew it was going to happen and put off watching the episode for years. When I finally watched, I was completely devastated. I cried my eyes out for hours after the episode was over and was upset for days. I'm still not over it."


    2. Finn Hudson, Glee


    "Honestly, the episode surrounding his death left me emotionally wrecked."


    3. Poussey Washington, Orange is the New Black


    "It was so heartbreaking watching her lay on the floor with Bailey on top of her and struggling to breathe. Taystee’s reaction killed me!"


    4. Joyce Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    The WB

    "The whole storyline with Joyce getting sick was so sad because it was the one thing Buffy couldn't fight, and it was the one person she never had a chance of saving. Anya's reaction about not understanding death just guts me every time."


    5. Quentin "Q" Fields, One Tree Hill

    The CW

    "I've seen One Tree Hill more times than I can count, but my heart always breaks when Q dies. Every single time! So many tears!"


    6. Beth Green, The Walking Dead


    "The scene where she died was so shocking and unexpected. When her sister Maggie found out and saw the body, it felt like a part of me died too."


    7. Opie Winston, Sons of Anarchy


    "I’m still not okay. I gotta skip that episode when I rewatch the series because I bawl my eyes out every time. HE WAS SO PURE."


    8. Lexie Grey, Grey's Anatomy


    "The fact that she knew even Cristina couldn’t help her broke my heart. Also, Mark was telling her how they would live happily ever after and it completely tore my heart into pieces." —kaitlynbryannem

    9. Bob Newby, Stranger Things


    "I still haven't been able to rewatch that season because of Bob. Bob deserved better!"


    10. Lady Sybil Crawley, Downton Abbey


    "I had just had a baby myself when I saw that episode, and my postpartum hormones were raging. I bawled through the rest of the episodes dealing with her death and the baby’s christening. It still gets me."


    11. Princess Ingrid/the Snow Queen, Once Upon A Time


    "I wanted her to have a happy ending after all the terrible things that happened to her, but at least she could reunite with her sisters in the afterlife."


    12. Sarah Lynn, BoJack Horseman


    "The death of Sarah Lynn on Bojack Horseman seemed to be so inevitable, but it still caught me off guard in a really visceral way. It evokes the same feeling you get when some young star burns out too young."


    13. J.T. Yorke, Degrassi: The Next Generation


    "His death was quite possibly my first heartbreak. To this day it still hurts."


    14. Mark Sloan, Grey's Anatomy


    "Mark 'McSteamy' Sloan was my favourite character on Grey’s Anatomy. When he died, I curled up in a ball and just cried. To this day, I can’t watch the episode where he dies. It hurts too much!"


    15. Zeek Braverman, Parenthood


    "My mom and I watched Parenthood every week. Zeek's death hit us both very hard because my grandfather died just a few months before. It was heartbreaking."


    16. Marissa Cooper, The O.C.


    "Marissa's death on The O.C. completely destroyed me. The effect her death had on the rest of the characters, especially Ryan, made it even more heartbreaking to watch."


    17. Paul Hennessy, 8 Simple Rules


    "It makes it so much more heartbreaking that he died in real life as well, but it was an incredible episode. Watching the family go through the loss of their father felt very real."


    18. Wes Gibbins, How to Get Away with Murder


    "I’m still sad that he was killed and the characters had to go on without him. It wasn't the same without him."


    19. Robin Hood, Once Upon A Time


    "He deserved better. He and Regina were supposed to be HAPPY. It’s even worse that his soul got destroyed. I mean death is one thing, but having your soul turn into mush is another."


    20. Dr. Mark Greene, ER


    "No matter how many times I see the episode I still cry like a baby. His death had to be the most emotionally driven episode in the entire series."


    21. Dana Fairbanks, The L Word


    "I’m still not over it. It came from nowhere and it feels like it happened so fast. Fuck cancer."


    22. Jack Pearson, This Is Us


    "Throughout the show, you fall in love with his character, so I was really sad when I found out how he died. He’s such a great dad and husband and his relationship with Rebecca is so beautiful." —camrynj

    23. Haley Hotchner, Criminal Minds


    "Her ex Hotch tried SO hard to save her, as did the rest of the BAU. And her son was there when it happened. Watching the agents realize they were too late after they heard the gunshot makes me cry."


    24. Rayna James, Nashville


    "It is impossible not to cry as Deacon and her daughters sing to her in the hospital bed as she flatlines."


    25. Francis II, Reign

    The CW

    "I couldn't stop crying. The show is based on real-life history so I knew it was coming. But nothing could prepare me for his death. I was so sad I wore black to school the next day."


    26. Hank Schrader, Breaking Bad


    "What a horrible death, and right when he'd thought justice had won and Walt was going to prison. I imagine his family not knowing where his body was for so long and I just cry.


    27. Michael Cordero, Jane the Virgin

    The CW

    "Even though his character came back, his 'death' ruined me. Gina Rodriguez's performance was one of the most heart-wrenching things I've ever seen. I'd tear up every time they mentioned his name later on."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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