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    I Am Obsessed With Zendaya And Timothée Chalamet's Friendship, So Here Are 17 Of Their Cutest Moments

    Two pretty best friends. 🥺

    1. The time when Timothée lovingly called out Zendaya's relationship with Tom Holland the only way a best friend could:

    Timothee says, "Their biggest celebrity crush? Easy. Tom Holland."

    2. The time they shared that they had High School Musical dance parties on set with Javier Bardem and Jason Momoa, because of course:

    Zendaya says she hosted dance parties in her dressing room and Timmy came in with 2008 music like Lil Wayne, T-Pain, and High School Musical. Then Jason Momoa and Javier Bardem also came in to dance with them.
    GMA / Twitter: @GMA

    3. The time they couldn't help but hype each other up on the red carpet:

    4. The time they were starstruck by each other at the airport:

    Timmy says he saw Zendaya at an airport as she walked to first class and he yelled "Damn!" Then Zendaya says "Meanwhile, he was nominated for an Oscar that year. I think it's fine. You were doing fine for yourself."

    5. The time Timmy shared that his genre of dreams is "sports star...swish!" and Zendaya was pretty confused, to say the least:

    Timmy says if his dreams were a genre they'd be "sports star, swish!" and Zendaya is so confused and just says K...

    6. The time they were posing like the certified hotties they are and then Timmy almost got attacked by a bug:

    Entertainment Weekly /

    7. The times they were all goofs and giggles with Jason Momoa:

    Zendaya, Timmy, and Jason Momoa making funny faces at the cameras.
    Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images for Warner Bros

    8. The time Zendaya just couldn't get over Timmy's middle name being ~Hal~:

    Zendaya says she can't get over Timmy's middle name being Hal. Then they joke about "Hal Chal" And Timmy explains his name goes French, American, French. He then jokes that his parents fucked him up.

    9. The time they did press for Dune and were just in a silly, goofy mood:

    Timothee and Zendaya sitting on a Zoom call taking a selfie
    @tchalamet / Instagram: @tchalamet

    10. The time Timmy very awkwardly tried to fill his cup of water but didn't want to be a distraction as Zendaya said this very, very kind thing about their friendship:

    Zendaya talks about how being friends with Timmy makes her feel less alone. Meanwhile Timmy is trying to pour a glass of water without disrupting but makes it even more awkward because he's trying not to be awkward.
    Glamour /

    11. The time Zendaya shamelessly mimicked Timmy's hand gestures and it was — quite literally — *chef's kiss*.

    Access Hollywood /

    12. The time they took this behind-the-scenes selfie break:

    13. The time Timmy shared that Zendaya (and Jason Momoa) were his favorite part of Dune:

    Timmy says Zendaya and Jason are his favorite parts because they blow everyone away on-screen.
    CBS /

    14. The time they tried to explain why they ~got~ each other, and basically just said because they're both so similar in age and, well, Dragon Tales:

    Timmy says "Have you ever seen Dragon Tales" and Zendaya begins to sing the theme song. Then they say, "That's us."
    Glamour /

    15. The time they broke out into song mid-interview:

    Timmy and Zendaya both begin to sing "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt
    BBC 1 /

    16. The time Zendaya shared (and kind of made fun of) her favorite Timmy fighting move in Dune:

    Timmy says "That's the move" and in unison he and Zendaya stick their arms out into a fighting stance.

    17. And finally, the time they told Stephen Colbert that they tell a lot of fart jokes on set:

    Stephen asks how they handle pressure on set and Timmy says, "A lot of fart jokes" and Zendaya laughs and responds "Everyone loves a good fart joke"
    CBS /