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    Updated on Mar 10, 2020. Posted on Feb 2, 2020

    Here Are 21 Lies Movies And TV Always Tell You About High School

    "Why are teenage boys always completely shredded?"

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what things TV and movies are 100% wrong about being a teenager in high school. Here's what they said:

    1. First of all, the teenagers in TV and movies look like fully grown adults and not regular-looking teens.

    20th Century Fox, Lauren Garafano

    "There are 9th graders at my school who look like they should actually be in 7th grade."


    2. Fictional teenagers never actually seem to have bottom lockers...which seems pretty fake, but OK.


    "No main character ever has a bottom locker."


    3. Nobody breaks out into song, even if someone breaks the ~status quo~.


    "I was super disappointed when nobody actually broke into song during lunch like they did in High School Musical. My friends and I would try, but everyone just stared."


    4. Let's be real, no real-life high schooler wears heels and fancy dresses to school every day.


    "It’s oversized T-shirts and leggings, not mini skirts and four-inch heels."


    5. And on TV, there is not one single rule about the dress code.

    Sony Pictures Television

    "I got in trouble in high school for wearing jeans with a patched hole in the leg because it gave people 'the impression I was naked under my jeans.' Actual high school dress codes are super strict."


    6. On TV, the "popular" people are always the cheerleaders and football players.


    "Some are more liked than others, but no one really cares enough to be popular."


    7. For some reason, teens have HOURS between classes.


    "They can stand around between classes and talk, even though in real life, there's only four minutes to get to class — and it’s usually across campus."


    8. And the athletes always wear their uniforms to school.


    "I never once wore my uniform to school or carried pom-poms to class."


    9. TV and movies always make it seem as if community colleges and student loans aren't real, and you should only strive for Ivy League schools.

    Warner Bros.

    "When teens on TV are applying to college and don't get into a university or state school, its like community colleges don't even exist. Other times, if they can't afford school for some reason, it's as if student loans don't exist either."


    10. Teenagers on TV literally never have to worry about money, even though they rarely have jobs.


    "How do they all have fancy new cars and constantly buy designer clothes? They also all live in massive houses and always have the newest phones. Does anyone know where they get all their money?"


    11. There never seem to be, like, any adults around EVER!


    "In real life, teams have coaches. Clubs have sponsors. Kids are not the ones judging other kids at tryouts and auditions."


    12. And the schools always seem to have zero rules.


    "As if the school doesn't have cameras, faculty, or anything to keep an eye on students!"


    13. Teens in movies always belong to verrrrrrrry stereotypical cliques.


    "There are no specific tables you're supposed to sit at. There are also no stereotypical cliques like the ones you see in movies."


    14. Teens can do whatever they want and they never get grounded.

    Warner Bros.

    "I get grounded and have my phone taken away all the time. But teenagers on TV do whatever they want and never get in trouble."


    15. High schoolers on TV never actually do any school work.

    The CW

    "How do they find the time to do homework, quizzes, and tests? Also, how do they pass their classes with so much going on in their lives?"


    16. And the teen guys in movies always look like they spend a billion hours at the gym.

    The CW

    "Why are teenage boys always completely shredded? I have never met a teen boy who looked even close to the ones on TV."


    17. Movies make the last day of senior year seem like a HUGE deal and make you feel lame when your school doesn't have an end-of-year carnival.


    "What is it with movies making the last day of senior year always seem like a party with carnival rides and throwing papers around like it's the event of the year? My school's last day for seniors consisted of graduation rehearsal followed by a school-catered lunch with ultimate frisbee."


    18. Winning prom king or queen is always a bigger deal than it really needs to be.

    The CW

    "There’s always a huge deal about how the most popular girl needs to be prom queen and her boyfriend needs to be prom king. In reality, no one cares that much. I can’t even remember who won at my senior prom, and it was only two years ago."


    19. Teenagers always have loads of time in the morning before even getting to school.

    20th Century Fox

    "The sun is always shining when kids get up for school. Somehow they have time to meet up with their friends and eat a huge breakfast before they even go to school."


    20. On TV, high school sweethearts are pretty normal and almost every character has one and gets married to them.


    "Sure, some people stay with their high school sweethearts, but not many!"


    21. And finally, the most unrealistic thing is that high school marks the most important years of your life and everything after is just mundane and boring.


    "I hate that TV shows always make it seem like high school matters so much. It's such a small part of your life that might shape you into who you are, but once it's over, your real life can begin."


    So, what do you think TV and movies get wrong about high school? Tell us in the comments below and you might be included in a BuzzFeed Community post! Be sure to follow the BuzzFeed Community on Facebook and Twitter!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.