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These 17 Quizzes Were Specifically Designed For "Vampire Diaries" Fans And "Vampire Diaries" Fans Only

Make Damon proud.

ATTENTION, BUZZFEEDERS: This is not a quiz. This is a collection of our very best quizzes for all of those Vampire Diaries stans out there β€” all in one place for your quiz-taking pleasure. All I ask is that you make Damon proud.

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1. Which "The Vampire Diaries" Character Matches Your Personality?

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First and foremost, we have to find out which character you are. Plus, Legacies queen Danielle Rose Russell took this quiz too. Take the quiz here.

2. Everyone Has A "Vampire Diaries" Universe Soulmate β€” This A–Z Quiz Will Reveal Who

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I promise this is the only time you'll ever have to choose among Klaus Mikaelson, Kai Parker, and Katherine Pierce. Take the quiz here.

3. Sorry, But Only A Real "Vampire Diaries" Fan Can Get 100% On This Quiz

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All of your binge-watching has led up to this very moment. Take the quiz here.

4. These Are The Hardest "Vampire Diaries" Questions About Elena Gilbert β€” Can You Get All 12 Correct?

The CW

Let's be real: What don't you know about this girl? Take the quiz here.

6. Here Are The Hardest "Vampire Diaries" Questions About Damon Salvatore β€” Can You Get All 10 Right?

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This is your one chance to become an honorary Salvatore β€” good luck. Take the quiz here.

7. Sorry, But If You Can't Pass This Klaus Mikaelson Test, You're A Fake Fan

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Finally, your Klaus Mikaelson obsession can be put to good use. Take the quiz here.

8. Only A True Fan Of "The Vampire Diaries," "The Originals," And "Legacies" Will Get A 10/10 On This Hope Mikaelson Test

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Let's be real...she's the most epic character this universe has ever seen. Take the quiz here.

9. 15 Of The Hardest "Would You Rather" Questions For People Who Love "The Vampire Diaries"

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Clearly, this is a superior game of Would You Rather. Take the quiz here.

10. Answer These Seven Questions And We'll Tell You Which "Vampire Diaries" Hunk You Should Spend Eternity With

The CW

Not to be dramatic, but I'd die wearing a Gilbert ring for all of them. Take the quiz here.

11. Here Are 15 Super-Controversial "Vampire Diaries" Opinions β€” How Many Do You Secretly Agree With?

The CW / BuzzFeed /

Lemme just say that there are some *very* hot takes. Take the quiz here.

12. Do You Know Which Songs Played During These 14 Iconic "Vampire Diaries" Moments?

The CW / BuzzFeed /

Don't lie β€” "A Drop in the Ocean" has been stuck in your head for years. Take the quiz here.

14. Most People Can't Identify 10 Of These "Vampire Diaries" Minor Characters β€” Can You?

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You were born for this, trust me. Take the quiz here.

15. It's Time To Find Out If You're More Like Stefan Or Damon From "The Vampire Diaries"

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Am I really more Stefan? This question HAUNTS me. Take the quiz here.

16. Everyone's Personality Is Either "The Vampire Diaries" Or "Legacies": What's Yours?

The CW / Netflix / The WB / HBO / BuzzFeed /

Like I said before, both are *very* good options. Take the quiz here.

17. Which "Vampire Diaries," "Originals," And "Legacies" Characters Match Your Personality?

The CW

Finally, it's time to take the quiz you've all been waiting for. Take the quiz here.

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