"The Masked Singer" Is Back For Season 5, And The First Reveal Was Already Absolutely Bonkers

    We've been bamboozled.

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    The Masked Singer officially returned for its fifth season last night, and it started with a bang.

    After Russian Dolls, Snail, Seashell, Raccoon, and Robopine performed in Episode 1, we found out the first contestant to be unmasked was none other than...


    Snail's clues showed a stuffed teddy bear, a hosting/talk show theme, a treasure chest, and he said he's "acted, directed, produced, recorded albums, even graced the Oscar stage."

    Snail says, "I've rubbed elbows with everyone from Robert De Niro to Lady Gaga to Michelle Obama"

    The judges had SEVERAL ideas of who this person could possibly be.

    Jenny says, "I feel like he's pushing out a Kermit the Frog sound"

    Robin Thicke was pretty confident that Snail was Seth MacFarlane.

    Robin says, "Because host, director, writer, producer of albums - I think it's the mighty Seth MacFarlane"

    However, Ken Jeong firmly believed it was Jay Leno.

    Ken says, "The talk show theme, the bear for his cameo in Ted 2 I think it is Jay Leno"

    Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg guessed Senator Ted Cruz.

    And finally, Nicole Scherzinger thought Billy Crystal might be under the mask.

    So, just imagine their disbelief when Snail was unmasked and it seemed like NO ONE was there?!

    JK, someone was there — guest host Niecy Nash even shrieked a little when she saw the famous contestant climb out of the Snail suit.

    The person under the Snail mask was...


    The judges (and also me) were in awe, just as you'd expect.

    Well, there you have it. Snail has officially been unmasked. If this is any indication of how Season 5 will go, I have NO IDEA who the heck else is on this show.

    Watch The Masked Singer on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.