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    Jason Sudeikis Accidentally Split His Head Open On Set And 18 More Facts About "Ted Lasso" That'll Make You Watch The Show Differently

    Shockingly, Ted's famous biscuits actually taste horrible.

    1. First, the concept of "Ted Lasso" actually came from an NBC Sports commercial back in 2012.

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    Jason Sudeikis played the same wholesome character, and people loved it so much that NBC filmed another Ted Lasso commercial a year later. Jason told GQ that his ex, Olivia Wilde, helped him come up with the idea for a Ted Lasso series.

    2. Keeley Hazell, who plays Bex on the show, actually inspired Juno Temple's character Keeley Jones.

    Juno Temple's character Keeley on Ted Lasso and Keeley Hazell in real life

    3. Brett Goldstein started out as a writer for the series way before he was ever cast as Roy Kent.

    Brett Goldstein holding his Emmy award and him playing Roy Kent

    4. Ted hitting his head on Rebecca's door was actually a total accident. Jason cut his head and ended up having to get the wound glued shut because he was bleeding so much.

    5. Phil Dunster and Nick Mohammed both auditioned for the role of Higgins, but ultimately, Jeremy Swift ended up with the role.

    Nick Mohammed, Higgins from Ted Lasso, and Phil Dunster

    6. Hannah revealed that the biscuits Ted gives Rebecca actually weren't as tasty as they seemed on the show; they're "literally like sticking a piece of sponge in your face."

    Rebecca holding a biscuit as she's about to take a bite.

    7. The series broke the record for most Emmy nominations for a freshman comedy series, with 20 nominations at this year's Emmy Awards.

    8. While auditioning for the show, the actors were asked to tape "their football skills" along with their normal acting scenes.

    AFC Richmond celebrating during a game

    9. Cristo Fernández, who plays Dani Rojas, actually played second division soccer back in Mexico. He played with Tecos of Liga MX, which is the top professional football division in the Mexican league.

    Dani Rojas pointing

    10. Early on in the series, Hannah Waddingham "purposely made a point of shutting [out] everything that didn’t involve Rebecca" because she didn't want to fall in love with Ted just like the audience does.

    Ted and Rebecca talking

    11. Rebecca's "Let It Go" karaoke moment almost didn't make it into the series, because at first Disney rejected the show's request to use the song.

    12. Jason Sudeikis was inspired to write in AFC Richmond's karaoke scene after hearing about Liverpool's coach Jurgen Klopp and his team's real-life karaoke parties.

    13. Juno Temple was very nervous to play Keeley, especially because she's "not known for comedy work," but the writers eventually had to rewrite the character just because of how much funnier Juno was than the original character.

    Juno Temple as Keeley

    14. Jason always meant for the series to be three seasons, but executive producer Bill Lawrence is open to doing more.

    15. Cam Cole, the street performer that replaces Robbie Williams in the fourth episode of Season 1, is actually a real street performer who lives in London.

    16. AFC Richmond's training stadium is actually the real-life stadium for Hayes and Yeading FC and is located in West London.

    Ted, Beard, and Nate standing in front of bleachers and a photo the real Hayes and Yeading FC stadium

    17. When Jason called Marcus Mumford (of Mumford and Sons) to do the music for Ted Lasso, he accidentally ghosted Jason and didn't respond until months later.

    Jason Sudeikis and Marcus Mumford

    18. Marcus Mumford is also a huuuuge football fan, too, so this show was a perfect project for him to work on.

    Marcus Mumford playing soccer

    19. Finally, back in May, the onscreen footballers — Cristo Fernández, Toheeb Jimoh, Phil Dunster, Kola Bokinni, David Elsendoorn, Stephen Manas, and Billy Harris — did an interview outside the FA Cup finals and tricked a reporter into thinking they were real-life players for (the fictional) AFC Richmond.

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    Phil shared, "We were very lucky to go to the FA Cup final to watch Leicester vs. Chelsea. All of us cast who are on the team got to the bottom of the Wembley steps, and there was a camera crew there. I think Toheeb [who plays Sam Obisanya] said to Cristo, “Get interviewed as Dani Rojas” — and he did! He was like, 'I’m from Mexico, I play football over here.' I don’t know if this guy knew, but he was interviewing AFC Richmond."