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    Tana Mongeau And Noah Cyrus Aren't Actually Dating, So Now Everything's A Little Less Confusing

    "There's no tea."

    Not so long ago, YouTubers Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul got married.

    And the newlyweds have since opened up about how they've been working on their relationship "offline" and mentioned that they have an open marriage.

    Another thing that happened not so long ago was that Tana called Noah Cyrus her girlfriend and sparked some rumors about the two dating.

    But last night at the Streamy Awards, Tana debunked those rumors in a red carpet interview with Entertainment Tonight.

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    She revealed that she and Noah aren't actually dating, but they're just super good friends.

    She also admitted that she may be the one to blame for accidentally starting the rumor.

    Entertainment Tonight

    AKA this YouTube title:

    Tana also mentioned that she likes spending time with Noah, because of how inspiring and artistic she is.

    Entertainment Tonight

    Maybe in 2020 there could be a possible Tana x Noah collab? A girl can hope!

    Entertainment Tonight

    So there you have it, folks. Tana and Noah aren't dating, and there really no tea here.

    Watch the whole clip here.

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