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    "Sex Education" Star Asa Butterfield Revealed The Best Way To Prank People, And All You Need Is A Bottle Of Water

    "I just like playing games...and sometimes not everyone's playing the game, it's just me."

    Season 3 of Sex Education finally hits Netflix today (!!!!), and we're already in love with everything about it.

    Emma Mackay standing next to Asa Butterfield and looking at him with a group of people behind them

    To celebrate the season's release, we had the cast — Asa Butterfield, Ncuti Gatwa, Mimi Keene, Dua Saleh, and Jemima Kirke — sat down to play a delightfully sweet game of who's who.

    Screenshots of the smiling castmates

    We found out who's most likely to break character on set...

    ...and who's most likely to break out into song.

    Ncuti said "Aimee loves a song; I think she only talks in karaoke"

    We even found out who the biggest prankster on set is!


    But it doesn't just end there — Asa shared his go-to prank with the cast.

    Asa's prank involves spraying someone in the crotch with a water bottle

    Curious about all the other shenanigans that went down here? Watch the video below.

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    And be sure to watch Season 3 of Sex Education, which is streaming on Netflix now!