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    Literally Just 15 Behind-The-Scenes Times Scarlett Johansson Was A Total Gift To Humankind

    "Does a meme move?"

    1. First, when she roasted Chris Hemsworth with this savage burn:

    Scarlett tells Chris, "Chris, you're ugly. Everyone's been talking about it, you're just really ugly." And Chris says thanks.

    2. When Chris Evans scared the living daylights out of her and she never fully got over it:

    Chris Evans scaring Scarlett during an interview and then years later revealing that she's paranoid it'll happen again.

    3. When she had this hilariously honest reaction to a Twitter user who hates her acting:

    Tweet reading "Scarlett Johansson has the emotional range of a fucking celery. I hate white people." Scarlett is visibly shocked but also laughing.

    4. When she explained the entirety of Infinity War in about .5 seconds:

    Scarlett reads, "How did Thanos get the power stone?" Her reply is, "He's a dude, that's just how it works."

    5. When she and Mark Ruffalo adorably re-created this birthday bit throughout the entire Age of Ultron press tour and beyond:

    Scarlett and Mark sitting in an interview and Scarlett asks, "Wait, what day were you born?" Then at the same time they both day, "November 22nd. Me too! That's so weird! Whoa!"

    6. When she was a little bit sneaky and sent Chris Evans into a frenzy over his missing name tag:

    Scarlett wearing two name tags that say Chris, while Chris Evans realizes his name tag is missing.

    7. When she was 100% convinced she would not survive Thanos's snap and then — spoiler alert — she freaking survived(!!!):

    Scarlett Johansson and Danai Gurira take a BuzzFeed quiz to find out if they'd survive Thano's snap. Scarlett is very adamant about not surviving, but then she does!

    8. When she had an absolutely perfect response to this comment about Black Widow:

    An interviewer asks, "Obviously, your character could've easily been written off as the sexy one of the team." Scarjo responds, "Really? Have you seen Chris Hemsworth?"

    9. When she did not hesitate to call out Jimmy Fallon during a game of True Confessions when he asked about her jellyfish sting:

    Jimmy Fallon asks "Did you follow protocol?" and Scarlett responds, "You wanna know whether somebody pissed on my face?"

    10. When Jimmy Kimmel asked her about her favorite Black Widow line, and she shared her Iron Man 2 fail:

    Scarlett explaining that she doesn't understand "techy jargon" so Jon Favreau had to say one of her lines and she was mouthing over it. She said it probably got cut from Iron Man 2.

    11. When she tried realllllllly hard to get the hang of this whole ~Zoom interviews~ thing and took a tumble or two along the way:

    Scarlett enters a zoom chat and her camera is sideways and then she accidentally keeps interrupting everyone else. They joke that she's having her own conversation.

    12. When her Black Widow costar David Harbor shared some dad jokes, and her reactions were *chef's kiss*:

    David Harbour tells a dumb dad joke and Scarlett cringes.

    13. When she was very excited to see Guillermo at the Oscars red carpet and stopped by for a shot of tequila:

    Scarlett stops on the red carpet when she sees Guillermo holding a flask and then drinks out of it. She says, "What's inside? Oh, I guess we'll figure it out. Oh, it's smooth!"

    14. When Sean Evans tried to show her the latest Avengers memes on Hot Ones and she totally showed off her internet knowledge:

    Scarlett confuses memes with gifs and asks if memes move.

    15. And finally, when she wasn't afraid to call out sexist interview questions, like this one about what's under Black Widow's signature suit:

    An interviewer asks if she's able to wear underwear beneath her super suit and she responds, "You're like the fifth person to ask me this, what's going on? Since when did people start asking each other in interviews about their underwear?"