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    19 Roy Kent Moments That Prove He's One Of The Best TV Characters Ever

    Roy Kent > Literally everyone else.

    1. When he made the "Roy Is Sorry for Not Understanding Keeley" playlist and instantly became boyfriend of the year:

    Roy tells Keeley he's sorry and sets up a bunch of candles and a bath for her. He puts on the "Roy is Sorry For Not Understanding Keeley" playlist.

    2. When he proved that there is absolutely nothing he wouldn't do for his sweet niece Phoebe, even if it means spending Christmas Day searching for a dentist:

    Roy smells Phoebe's breath and says they're gonna go door to door until they can find a dentist to fix her bad breath.

    3. When he finally understood why Jamie was such a "prick," got over his animosity, and wrapped Jamie in a big ol' bear hug:

    Jamie's dad berates him in front of the entire team and then Roy walks over to hug him and Jamie breaks down crying.

    4. When he shared that even Roy Kent is no match against the trials and tribulations of lactose intolerance:

    Roy tells Phoebe not to be embarrassed and tells her true embarrassment was the time he ate too much ice cream and pooped his pants on the bus, three weeks ago.

    5. When he had a perfect reason for why Rebecca (or literally anyone) should never settle for "fine":

    Roy tells Rebecca that the guy she dated was "fine" but she deserves someone who makes her feel like she's been struck by lightning. He tells her to never settle for "fine."

    6. When he screamed the word "whistle" instead of using an actual whistle, for obvious reasons:

    Roy yells "whistle" and the guys don't hear him at first. They ask why he doesn't use an actual whistle and says it's because his lips are "sensitive to impure metals" and whistles give him "mouth hives."

    7. When he proved that even he — a man who wears the "same" outfit every day — has depth:

    Nate tells Roy he's always wearing black but Roy responds and says he's not wearing black, he's wearing "dark heather charcoal."

    8. When we learned that even the rough and tough Roy Kent can't say no to ice cream with Phoebe:

    Phoebe asks Roy if they can get ice cream on the way home from school and he says, "fuck no." But in the next scene they're shown licking ice cream cones in his car.

    9. When he unintentionally gave us the plot for a chaotic Ted Lasso crime drama spinoff:

    Keeley asks Roy what she should do if he gets hit by a bus and dies and he responds, "Go after the bus driver and make him pay for what he did to me. Avenge me, Keeley."

    10. When we learned that while Roy is fantastic at a lot of things, his impressions are absolutely dreadful:

    Roy does a terrible impression of Ted and Keeley makes fun of him

    11. When he proved once again that he's a perfect boyfriend and gave Keeley the pep talk every human has always wished to hear (boyfriends out there, please take notes):

    Keeley is nervous for people to see the "real" her and Roy tells her she's amazing.

    12. When he walked Phoebe out onto the field with the team, just like every superstar football player uncle should:

    Roy and the rest of the team walk onto the field. Roy is hand in hand with his niece, Phoebe.

    13. When he let his soft side shine and sobbed on live TV:

    A video of Roy announcing his retirement and he's crying on national tv.

    14. When he read A Winkle in Time and realized that he, too, is a little girl struggling with the burden of leadership:

    Roy realizes that he — just like the little girl in A Wrinkle in Time — is struggling with the burden of leadership.

    15. When Roy helped Sam on the field and really made us realize why he's the best team captain:

    Roy goes to help Sam, who isn't even in pain anymore, and tells him to pretend he's hurt and bravely will continue playing, so the crowd will go wild.

    16. When he got wine drunk while watching trashy TV with his yoga mom besties:

    Roy sits with a bunch of middle aged yoga moms and asks one of them to top off his rosé.

    17. When he made his triumphant exit from the football field and left as a living legend:

    Roy is hurt and he gets up and walks off the field for the last time as a player, listening to the entire stadium cheering for him.

    18. And then when he literally ran across the city for his first true love (football, obvi) and triumphantly returned as an AFC Richmond coach:

    Roy surprises everyone by running back to the field to become a coach, and "She's a Rainbow" by The Rolling Stones plays.

    19. And finally, when he literally just growled at this ceramic leopard from Keeley's office and it was super hot in a weird way that no one really can put into words:

    Roy growls at a ceramic leopard

    Obviously, we can't include them all (because there are far too many to even count). Tell us your favorite Roy Kent moment in the comments!