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    Ross Lynch Read Your Thirst Tweets...And I Think Some Of Y'all Are "Cruisin' For A Bruisin'"

    The man was too stunned to speak.

    So, you know Ross Lynch.

    A closeup of Ross with his hands together

    Or you might've seen this photo of him circulating around the internet last month...

    So, to celebrate the release of the Driver Era's new single, "Malibu," and upcoming album, Summer Mixtape, we invited Ross to read some of your very, VERY thirsty tweets about him.

    I don't think he was quite prepared for what was coming...

    Ross asking "How naughty are we gonna get here?"

    Things started out pretty tame, they were even kinda sweet.

    A tweet saying they want to boop and kiss Ross's nose, and him saying he can understand that and calling it an innocent tweet

    But they escalated quickly.

    A tweet saying they'll lick Ross's happy trail until they get rug burn, then Ross saying "Dang" and that he doesn't know this person

    And Ross had some thoughts.

    A tweet saying Ross is for "all the sluts out there" and Ross saying "Actually, I'm in a relationship currently"


    A tweet saying they would eat Ross's ass and do anything he asked, and Ross responding "Well, I probably wouldn't ask you to do that"

    Watch the full video with all of Ross's reactions here:

    View this video on YouTube

    And be sure to listen to The Driver Era's new single "Malibu," and pre-save Summer Mixtape, which comes out Sept. 16!