Literally Just 25 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets That You Never Knew About "Riverdale"

    Truck drivers have actually stopped for a meal on set because Pop's Diner looks so realistic.

    1. That Season 3 cliffhanger actually happened because Cole Sprouse was too cold to film in his underwear and refused to do it.

    2. In the Season 4 premiere, the photos Mary looks through are actual photos of Luke Perry, which were provided by his family.

    3. Jughead only has one beanie.

    4. Kevin and Archie's kiss in "Wicked Little Town" was actually unscripted — Casey Cott and KJ came up with it as they filmed the episode.

    5. Cole Sprouse fought for the character of Jughead to be asexual, like he is in the newer comic books.

    6. KJ thinks that Archie and Betty are endgame.

    7. Madeleine Petsch is actually afraid of open bodies of water, and she didn't like filming the scenes in Sweetwater River.

    8. Cole was actually called in to read for Archie first, but he liked Jughead better because he was the narrator and couldn't be killed off.

    9. They also auditioned a bunch of natural redheads for Archie way before KJ was even considered.

    10. Because KJ isn't an actual redhead, he has to bleach his roots every two weeks to maintain it.

    11. Some aerial shots from the show have also been used on other TV shows, including Pretty Little Liars.

    Rosewood = Riverdale? The Jason Blossom suspect list just doubled in size... #PrettyLittleLiars #Riverdale

    12. Camila's audition process was much longer and more nerve-racking than the rest of the cast. The whole process took about six months.

    13. Casey Cott and Rob Raco ate a ton of tuna before their first makeout scene and actually got the shot in two takes.

    14. Chance Perdomo was in the running to play Jughead.

    15. And Katherine Langford was in talks to play Betty.

    16. Lili and her onscreen mom, Mädchen Amick, actually have matching arrow tattoos on their forearms.

    17. Riverdale was almost a movie about time travel starring Louis C.K. as Archie.

    18. Madelaine was a huuuuuge Archie Comics fan and has her own collection of them.

    19. The Pop's set is located really close to a major industrial thoroughfare, and truck drivers have actually stopped there for food because it's so realistic.

    20. KJ Apa accidentally broke his hand while he was filming the scene where Archie saves Cheryl from drowning in Sweetwater River.

    21. Madelaine was originally brought in to read for Betty, but the casting director knew right away that he wanted her for Cheryl.

    22. Ashleigh Murray was about to quit acting right before being cast as Josie.

    23. The hardest words for KJ to pronounce in an American accent are "girlfriend" and "burger."

    24. Lili and Madelaine lived together during Season 1.

    25. And finally, because producers were afraid of spoilers being leaked, they shot multiple scenes with different characters killing Jason Blossom.