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    21 People Who Fell In Love With Peter K. All Over Again In "To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You"

    "It's official. Peter Kavinsky still owns my heart."

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    So last week, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You dropped on Netflix and people went wild, because that meant Lara Jean and Peter K.'s love was still alive and thriving.


    While there were a few times we thought their relationship was doomed, Peter K. eventually proved his undying loyalty to Lara Jean, and their relationship was stronger than ever!!!!!


    And the fans, of course, are totally head over heels for one Peter Kavinsky:


    tomorrow i will be watching to all the boys i loved before, i will fall in love with peter kavinsky again and im kindly asking yall to mind your own business when u see my thirst tweets to noah centineo on the tl


    seeing this make us all feel that we want a fucking peter kavinsky in our life... is that too much to ask?#ToAlltheBoys2


    it's official. peter kavinsky still owns my heart 💗💗 #PSIStillLoveYou #TeamPeter


    if he’s not like peter mf kavinsky... then i don’t fucking want it #TeamPeter


    noah centineo as peter kavinsky in to all the boys: ps i still love you #toalltheboys


    peter always thinking of kitty, what the #1 peter kavinsky stan deserves #ToAlltheBoys2


    just found out peter kavinsky isn’t real and is just a fictional character #ToAlltheBoys2


    me accepting the fact that im not gonna have my own peter kavinsky #ToAlltheBoys2


    Here we go again with Lara Jean reminding us that we don’t have our own Peter Kavinsky. #ToAlltheBoys2


    so no ones gonna be my peter kavinsky? WACK


    Me watching Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky be all cute knowing i’ll be alone on Valentine’s Day 🤣#ToAlltheBoys2


    when peter came back for lara jean because it was snowing #ToAlltheBoys2


    me when peter kavinsky drove in the snow because lara jean doesn’t like to #ToAlltheBoys2


    peter really drove to pick up lara jean even though they weren’t together or on good terms because he remembered she doesn’t like to drive in the snow. i want a peter kavinsky #ToAllTheBoys2 #TeamPeter


    peter kavinsky went from "i appreciate it but it's never gonna happen." to "break my heart, covey." and i just think that's beautiful #toalltheboys2 #PSIStillLoveYou


    peter kavinsky really went from "you gonna break my heart, covey?" to "break my heart. break my heart into a thousand pieces. do whatever you want with it." that boy is WHIPPED WHIPPED and I WANT ONE WHERE DO I GET A PETER #ToAlltheBoys2


    me: fuck u peter kavinsky! why you do my girl lara jean like that! also me: U CAME ALL THE WAY TO DRIVE HER BC SHE DOESNT LIKE DRIVING IN THE SNOW! a MAN!


    can i have someone who surprise me and looks at me just the way peter kavinsky do to lara jean? NO. CAN I JUST HAVE NOAH CENTINEO? #ToAlltheBoys2


    thinking abt the excellence that is noah centineo's delivery of the "break my heart, covey." line ... yeah ... yeah #PSIStillLoveYou #toalltheboys2


    Every time Peter Kavinsky smiles, I have to look away because if I stare directly at his idiot charm boy face for too long, I BECOME AN ACTUAL PUDDLE ON THE GODDAMN FLOOR. #ToAllTheBoys2


    “break my heart, covey. break my heart into a thousand pieces. do whatever you want.” #ToAlltheBoys2

    In conclusion:

    Peter Kavinsky. That’s it. That’s the tweet.