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    31 Movies That People Say Are Perfect From Start To Finish

    BRB, watching all of these immediately!

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community which movies are absolutely perfect from start to finish, and they did not disappoint. Here's what they said:

    1. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

    Sony Pictures Releasing

    "I remember the first time I saw the trailer and I groaned. I thought it was dumb to have another Spider-Man franchise start up, especially in the midst of Tom Holland's reign. Of course, I was wrong. It's such a great balance of funny moments and heartfelt story beats. The animation is so visually stunning and is probably the best way we've ever seen Spider-Man depicted on the big screen. Never gets boring. Every time I watch it, there's a new detail that catches my eye. It's PERFECT."


    2. Black Swan (2010)

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    "It got so much flak when it came out that the intricacy and masterful storytelling were overlooked. The arc of this film is incredible. Every visual detail is so carefully considered that it helps build suspense throughout the film."


    3. Selena (1997)

    Warner Bros.

    "I've seen the movie so much, my mother actually threw away the VHS. J.Lo was great in the movie."


    4. Plus One (2019)

    RLJE Films

    "I watched it on Hulu and I was floored. I genuinely loved the buildup, the relationship, the music...all of it!"


    5. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)


    "The movie is littered with amazing tracking and establishing shots. It also has unbelievable acting, and a very well-thought out script that so many movies of the 2010s lack. The soundtrack is a delight! The humor always works and never feels forced. It's not only my favorite in the MCU but one of my top 100 movies of all time."


    6. Rocketman (2019)


    "It was so incredibly creative and well-written. They utilized Elton’s music so well and the story was told so beautifully. And, of course, Taron Egerton's performance was outstanding!"


    7. The Princess Bride (1987)

    20th Century Fox

    "It has perfect characters, dialogue, and plot. It bridges genres together so perfectly. There are times I will find it playing on TV and I'll drop whatever I was doing just so I can finish the movie."


    8. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

    Summit Entertainment

    "I first saw this movie when I was in junior high, and it really introduced me to some difficult topics that I wasn’t used to. It taught me so much. It's such an important coming-of-age story, and I truly think everyone needs to watch it."


    9. Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

    20th Century Fox

    "It didn't matter to me if they got some stuff wrong, the movie made me feel things that no other movie ever has."


    10. Spirited Away (2001)


    "As a kid, I loved this movie because I thought it was funny and weird. But as an adult, I can finally see this movie is pure magic. It’s such an enchanting story, and every second is filled with beautiful animation. I’m filled with such peace, curiosity, and nostalgia every time I watch it. It's hands down my favorite movie."


    11. Call Me By Your Name (2017)

    Sony Pictures Classics

    "You fall in love with Elio and Oliver and you just can’t help but appreciate the wholesome love they have for each other. Lemme just say, the emotions are strong in this movie."


    12. Pride and Prejudice (2005)

    Focus Features

    "Everyone who loves this movie loves it deeply. Like — owning a replica bust of Mr. Darcy — deeply."


    13. Stranger Than Fiction (2006)

    Columbia Pictures

    "Anytime I’m sad, I watch this to cheer up. It is beautifully shot and Emma Thompson provides flawless narration."


    14. Parasite (2019)

    CJ Entertainment

    "Parasite was perfect start to finish. Every scene and shot is filled with precision and it's filled with brilliant twists and turns. I was in awe of how incredible the movie turned out to be. I truly recommend watching it because this movie needs to be seen by everyone."


    15. Stardust (2007)


    "It’s an adventure, comedy, and romance story wrapped into one! The soundtrack and score are perfect and the cast is spot on. I mean, Robert De Niro as a sky pirate?! What more do you need?"


    16. Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

    Focus Features

    "The storyline is funny and cute, while not being over the top. The movie itself is just gorgeous too!"


    17. The Mummy (1999)

    Universal Pictures

    "The Mummy is the perfect action-adventure flick. It has the exactly right balance of funny, campy, scary, romantic, and action-packed."


    18. School of Rock (2003)


    "It's hilarious from start to finish and it has the most memorable characters and quotes. I always come back to watch it every once in a while because it’s such a great feel-good movie."


    19. Whiplash (2014)

    Sony Pictures Classics

    "Whiplash puts every one of its 106 minutes to good use. It’s beautiful."


    20. Little Women (2019)

    Sony Pictures Relasing

    "I know it’s relatively new, but I think it's a masterpiece. Honestly, I tried to find a single flaw in the movie, and I couldn’t. It was so moving, so powerful, and so well-casted."


    21. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

    Focus Features

    "Everything about this movie makes me feel SUCH emotions. The shots are beautiful. The score is mesmerizing. The story is so smart and unique. I will never stop loving this movie."


    22. Moonlight (2016)


    "It won Best Picture for a reason."


    23. The Theory of Everything (2014)

    Focus Features

    "The Theory Of Everything is a beautiful tribute to Stephen Hawking, and I always get the chills when I watch the movie."


    24. Eighth Grade (2018)


    "The awkwardness I felt during the entire thing was so real and relatable. Bo Burnham is a genius."


    25. Coming to America (1988)

    Paramount Pictures

    "I love every single second of that movie."


    26. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    "It’s a moving and original story, the performances are stunning, and the score works as a perfect backdrop to the plot. My favourite thing about the film is the ambiguity. None of the characters are good or bad, but they're all really developed like real people who have flaws and redeeming characteristics. The film actually makes you think in a way that’s rare for big budget productions."


    27. I, Tonya (2017)


    "Not a minute of that movie is any less exciting than the rest. It's heartbreaking, hilarious, thrilling, and thought-provoking. It’s absolutely perfect."


    28. When Harry Met Sally (1989)


    "I could potentially watch it every day and never stop loving it. Nora Ephron’s screenplay mixed with the chemistry between the cast is just *chef’s kiss*."


    29. The Peanut Butter Falcon (2019)

    Roadside Attractions

    "It was the best feel-good movie I have seen in years."


    30. Juno (2007)

    Fox Searchlight

    "It was the perfect balance of funny and dramatic. The ending is incredible."


    31. 1917 (2019)

    Universal Pictures

    "About 15 minutes into this movie, it dawns on you that this is something uniquely brilliant. By the end, it's clear that Sam Mendes has made one of the best films of 2019."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    So, did your favorite movie make the cut? Let us know in the comments below and maybe your response will be included in a BuzzFeed Community post too!