21 Absolutely Perfect Horror Movie Shots That Will Never Not Take My Breath Away

    If I could make every single one of these my screensaver, I would.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community which shots from horror movies are the most perfect they've ever seen. Here's what they said:

    Note: Some images include blood and gore. 

    1. The flaming cage, Halloween (2018):

    Michael Myers stands inside a cage as the room around him goes up in flames

    2. The fall from the window, Antichrist (2009):

    A small toddler appears to be floating as he falls out of a window, holding a bear in his left hand

    3. Sandie's rainbow glow, Last Night in Soho (2021):

    Anya Taylor Joy stares into the camera ominously as a multicolored light glows on her face

    4. Pam's walk, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974):

    Pam is shown with her back to the camera, and she is topless and wearing only a pair of red denim shorts as she walks toward a big house with trees in the front yard

    5. Water aerobics, A Cure for Wellness (2016):

    A group of people stand in a pool holding multicolored beach balls as they do water aerobics led by two teachers in front

    6. The rise from the water, The Nun (2018):

    A dimly lit creepy nun rises out of the water

    7. The grill fire, Final Destination 2 (2003):

    A group of people all sit around a table eating at a picnic, and in the middle of the shot, there is a sudden fire explosion where the grill was

    8. The fall, Get Out (2017):

    Chris falls backward and is shown floating in midair as he falls seemingly to his death

    9. The floating Fanning, The Neon Demon (2016):

    Elle Fanning's character floats in the air in the middle of the woods

    10. The crucifix, Mandy (2018):

    Nicolas Cage stands in a bright red room next to a cross set on a pedestal

    11. Move-in day, The Conjuring (2013):

    A moving truck sits beside a house as the family moves in their stuff; two men carry in a couch

    12. The blood splatter, High Tension (2003):

    Two closet doors are shut and blood is splattered on the front of them

    13. The priest's silhouette, The Exorcist (1973):

    A priest stands in the dark outside a house; he's lit by a streetlight next to him and the glow coming from the bedroom window

    14. The sneak-attack shot, Halloween (1978):

    Laurie is resting by the dark doorway and Michael Myers' mask slowly comes into view

    15. The explosion, Scanners (1981):

    16. The lake, It Chapter 2 (2019):

    The cast sits in a dirty lake to clean themselves off and Richie begins to cry; then they all hug him

    17. The fiery aftermath, Carrie (1976):

    Carrie stands onstage covered in blood as everything around her is engulfed in flames

    18. The running backpacker, Wolf Creek (2005):

    A lone woman runs barefoot and covered in blood on an empty road in the middle of nowhere

    19. The mutating hands, The Thing (1982):

    Bennings is sitting in the snow, and he begins to yell as his hands turn red, bloody, and very long and deformed

    20. The bathroom shot, The Shining (1980):

    A hideous green bathroom with the bathtub in the center; the shower curtain begins to eerily move and shows a naked young woman sitting in the tub

    21. And finally, the burning bear, Midsommar (2019):

    Christian sits paralyzed dressed in a bear costume as the temple around him goes up in flames; there are also other burning victims in the background

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Now tell me in the comments: What's YOUR favorite single shot from a horror movie?