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    An Extensive Explainer For Anyone Invested In The Olivia Rodrigo-Joshua Bassett "Drivers License" Drama

    Next time I need a mystery solved, I'm calling the Twitter stans.

    So, this is Olivia Rodrigo — actor, singer-songwriter, and all-around ray of sunshine.

    Her song "Drivers License" officially debuted this weekend, and fans were in LOVE with it.

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    The song has dominated the Apple charts and blown up all over social media during the first weekend of its release. Even Taylor Swift loves it.

    The song's release has led people to believe that it's actually about her relationship with HSMTMTS costar Joshua Bassett.

    Speculation first started on Jan. 4, when Olivia announced the release of her song and a bunch of her castmates commented their praise. About an hour later, Joshua announced the release of his upcoming single "Lie, Lie, Lie," about which only one castmate commented.

    @olivia.rodrigo /, @joshuabassett /

    Julia Lester, Joe Serafini, Larry Saperstein, Sofia Wylie, and Dara Reneé all commented on Olivia's post, while only Joe Serafini commented on Joshua's.

    Olivia and Joshua, who play love interests on HSMTMTS, were rumored to be dating within the past year, but neither publicly confirmed a romantic relationship.


    Many fans have speculated about a real-life romance because of their extremely believable HSMTMTS performances, frequent appearances on each other's social media, and the love song they cowrote together, "Just for a Moment."

    This wouldn't be totally out of character, though. Back in 2018, Olivia had previously dated Ethan Wacker, one of her Bizaardvark costars, and the two waited six months before publicly announcing their relationship.

    Breakup rumors between Olivia and Josh first came out during summer 2020, when Olivia posted this video on TikTok, where she says "you think u can hurt my feelings? i wrote this song" as "All I Want" played in the background.

     She also captioned the video "and that's on failed relationships."

    Soon after, Olivia posted a photo on Instagram with her close friend Iris Apatow, both wearing "Dump Him" shirts.

    Around this time, photos of Joshua and Sabrina Carpenter on what looks like a date surfaced, sparking dating rumors between the two of them.

    Javiles/Bruce / BACKGRID

    The two also dressed as Sharkboy and Lavagirl for Halloween and shared a few videos acting out scenes from the movie. 


    dream a dream u little bleep #sharkboyandlavagirl @sabrinacarpenter

    ♬ Follow me plz - Ma’kaila Janai

    This timeline and Olivia's response also suggest that Joshua became close with Sabrina while he and Olivia were still an item. Because neither Olivia nor Joshua ever confirmed the start or end dates of their relationship, fans assume there is some sort of overlap between Joshua's relationship with Olivia and his relationship with Sabrina.

    Now, let's go back to the song.

    In "Drivers License," Olivia sings about a blonde girl who's "much older" than she is... / Lauren Garafano / BuzzFeed

    And Sabrina is both blonde and four years older than Olivia.

    Kevin Mazur / Getty Images, Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Sabrina is 21 years old, while Olivia is 17.

    Several fans pointed out that in the original version of the song, Olivia's lyrics were about "that brunette" but were changed to "that blonde," further indicating she was writing with someone specific in mind.

    Olivia also sings "Guess you didn't mean what you wrote in that song about me," and fans have speculated that Joshua Bassett's 2020 song "Anyone Else" is about Olivia. / Lauren Garafano / BuzzFeed

    Joshua has said that he wrote the song in his Salt Lake City apartment — the one he lived in while shooting Season 1 of HSMTMTS. He also said, "I was hopelessly falling in love with a close friend … who was in a relationship with someone else," and since production for HSMTMTS began in early 2019, these lyrics might reference Olivia's relationship with Ethan Wacker.

    However, it seems as if Sabrina appeared in the "Anyone Else" music video.

    WMG / @sabrinacarpenter /

    Fans even noticed that the nails of the girl in the music video matched Sabrina's nails in late-June, aka the same time the video was most likely filmed.

    The "Drivers License" music video also shows a short clip where someone grabs Olivia's chin — this is the same video used on Spotify's selection of "All I Want" where Joshua is the one grabbing her chin.

    Spotify / Lauren Garafano, Geffen Records

    Additionally, Olivia mentions seeing their face in "white cars." / Lauren Garafano / BuzzFeed

    And from his YouTube channel, we know that Joshua also has a WHITE car.

    @JoshuaBassett /

    And probably the most important clue of all, Olivia shared that Joshua was the person who actually taught her to drive in an In-N-Out parking lot back before she even had her permit — which might be why the song is called "Drivers License."

    Flash-forward to after the song's release...

    Joshua Bassett and a bunch of other HSMTMTS castmates posted about the song on their IG story. Olivia shared a majority of the posts, but not Joshua's.

    @joshuabassett / Instagram: @joshuatbassett

    Also, Sabrina's ex-boyfriend, Griffin Gluck, posted about the song too.

    @griffingluck / Instagram: @griffingluck

    Sabrina and Griffin seemed to have broken up at some point in 2020, and one of their last photos together was from Jan. 7, 2020.

    Finally, Olivia's ex Ethan was brought back into the mix when some fans theorized that "Drivers License" was about him, to which he replied, "Nope. I treated her well."

    He even went on to praise the song on his IG and Snapchat stories. 


    Reply to @destiny_n23 reacting to this comment bc it’s the top one but ethan is such a sweetheart 🥺

    ♬ original sound - mik <3<>>

    And now, you're pretty much all caught up! Do you think the song is about Joshua? Let us know in the comments and be sure to stream "Drivers License."

    Note: Keep in mind, none of this has been confirmed by Olivia Rodrigo or Joshua Bassett, and it's merely speculation from fan theories and social media clues.