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    Nia Sioux Told Us All About Her First Times, And They'll Just Make You Love Her Even More

    "I'll get lunch with Kenzie [Ziegler] sometimes and I'll go over to Chloe [Lukasiak]'s apartment and we'll hang out. I'm so close with all the girls, they're amazing. I miss them all."

    In honor of her new Facebook series, Dance with Nia, we invited Nia Sioux to chat over Zoom and tell us all about her first times.

    From her Dance Moms audition to her first celebrity crushes, she shared it all!

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    Here are just a few of our favorite first times Nia told us about:

    1. After Nia first auditioned for Dance Moms, her mom, Holly, told her that they probably weren't gonna get cast because they were "just too boring."

    2. The first time Nia met Michelle Obama, she was so in shock she needed to take several minutes just to absorb the experience.

    3. The first time she was recognized in public was actually at a dance competition, and a fan asked for a picture of her and the Dance Moms cast.

    4. Her first experience filming Dance with Nia was meeting and bonding with Lark Detweiler, a deaf dancer.

    5. The first Dance Moms costar she'd text to hang out with is either Maddie Ziegler or Paige Hyland, since she hasn't seen them in a while.

    6. The first untrue rumor she heard about herself was that she was Sia's second choice for the "Chandelier" music video.

    7. Her first celebrity crushes were Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber.

    8. And then she actually got to meet Justin at the Teen Choice Awards in 2012.

    Nia posing with Justin Bieber

    9. She was also suuuuper starstruck when she met her idol, Gabby Douglas, at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards.

    Hero Moment- Nia meeting her hero -Gabby Douglas at the Teen Choice Awards. @realniasioux

    Twitter: @dancemomholly

    "I started bawling my eyes out."

    10. And finally, her first red carpet experience was the 2012 Teen Choice Awards, and she can confirm that even though the dress was cute, she would not wear it again.

    And there ya have it! Be sure to check out the rest of Nia's first times and catch new episodes of Dance with Nia, which is available across the Facebook family of apps, including Instagram, Facebook Watch, and Messenger's Watch Together.