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    15 Suuuuuper Obvious "They Ran Out Of Ideas" Movie Plots That Never Should Have Happened

    Okay, but why would aliens who hate water invade a planet that's 75% water?

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community which movie moments were so out of place it felt like the writers clearly stopped trying. Here's what they said:

    1. In Wonder Woman 1984, when Steve Trevor randomly took over someone else's body even though he died in the first movie.

    A man stands in front of Diana saying "I can save today, but you can save the world." Then he turns into Steve Trevor.
    Warner Bros.

    "Wonder Woman 1984 was disappointing in so many ways that I felt the writers didn’t know what they were doing. Steve taking over a random dude’s body was so weird and didn’t make sense. I know a lot of people didn’t like the big fight at the end of the first Wonder Woman, but overall the story was still 1,000 times better than the trash that was WW1984."


    2. In Spider-Man 3, when Peter kissed Gwen Stacy even though he knew Mary Jane — whom he was about to propose to —was there watching.

    Mary Jane watches as Peter tells Gwen to kiss him.
    Sony Pictures

    3. In Signs, when we find out the aliens don't like water, but they also decided to invade a planet that was 75% water.

    Water spills and burns an alien.
    Buena Vista Pictures

    4. In The Kissing Booth 3, when Elle rejected Marco — who she was much better suited for — to stay in her failing relationship with Noah, and then they broke up anyway.

    Elle tells Marco that he needs to leave and then Noah breaks up with her immediately after.

    "By the third movie, Elle and Noah’s relationship wasn’t healthy anymore."


    5. In Shrek, when Shrek spent the entire movie embracing his grossness and meanness, but then got upset when he *thought* he heard Donkey and Fiona talking badly about him behind his back.

    Shrek listens to Fiona tell Donkey that no one could ever love a beast so hideous and ugly, meaning herself.

    "He spent the whole movie reveling in being an ogre and being mean to people who were scared of him. He definitely should have just gone in there and been angry, but the writers needed him to be quiet and get sad by himself so that the movie could have another 30 minutes."


    6. In Pleasantville, when Reese Witherspoon's character decides to stay in this alternative '50s TV show world while her brother goes back to reality.

    David asks Jennifer if she wants to go back home, but she says she needs to stay and "do this" for a little while.
    New Line Cinema

    "Time worked differently there (one week = about one hour in real life), but, like, how are they going to explain her missing?" 

    Spencer Althouse

    7. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, when Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff suddenly had a fling despite having zero chemistry and nothing in common.

    Natasha asks Banner if he'll turn green and he says no because he has a compelling reason not to, meaning her. She says she adores him and then they kiss.

    "Natasha was this badass character and not once was it necessary for her to have a love interest. Honestly, if she needed a love interest, it should have been with Bucky, like in the comics. They shared a past and had chemistry. She had chemistry with Steve too, not Bruce."


    8. In Booksmart, when Miss Fine went to the underage party, drank with kids, and hooked up with one of her students.

    Ms. Fine says, "This is amazing." Her student responds, "You're amazing." Then she asks if he's 20 years old.
    United Artists Releasing

    "The film would've been perfect from start to finish if they hadn't included this creepy and inappropriate subplot. It added absolutely nothing to the storyline and was just weird."

    Hanifah Rahman

    9. In The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2, when Katniss finally decided to settle down with Peeta and have a family.

    Katniss sits at a picnic with Peeta and their kids.

    "It made sense to me when she did it in the book, but then after watching Jennifer Lawrence do it on screen, it felt so off. Movie Katniss never seemed to wanna be with anyone, and it was kind of a cop-out when she and Peeta finally get together."


    10. In Sex and the City 2, when seemingly perfect Aidan cheated on his wife with Carrie.

    Carrie and Aidan are at dinner then they kiss.
    Warner Bros.

    "Aidan would NOT have kissed Carrie! He was essentially the perfect guy! He was happily married with kids and the character from the show just wouldn't have done that to his wife. It was obvious the writers wanted to satisfy the fans who were still Team Aidan vs. Team Big and needed him to look imperfect or flawed for once. I'll just always hate that unnecessary scene."


    11. In Legally Blonde, when Vivian settled her differences with Elle but was then immediately convinced that she'd slept with Professor Callahan to get ahead.

    Vivian tells Elle that maybe she should sleep with the jury too, then they might win the case.

    "Vivian had already seen that Elle was extremely competent and deserving of the internship. She also knew that Callahan was a sexist prick who commodified his female subordinates. Vivian was also shown to be a smart woman, so it always confused me that she immediately thought the worst of the situation when she saw Callahan put his hand on Elle's knee."


    12. In Avengers: Endgame, when Steve went back in time so he could live his life with Peggy, knowing full well that she would have moved on, gotten married, and had kids.

    Steve Rogers and Peggy dancing in their home and kiss. Then back in present-day when Steve Rogers is an old man.

    "It pains my heart to say it, because Steve Rogers is my favorite character, but the ending was so out of line. His character arc was BUILT on the concept of moving forward: We saw him struggling with being in the present, but then he accepted it. He made new friends, like Nat and Sam, and even helped Bucky accept his horrible past and move on. That's why his behavior in Endgame was so, so strange. Steve would NEVER have done that."


    13. Also in Avengers: Endgame, when Black Widow sacrificed herself for all of humankind, but her friends never mourned her death and they only had a funeral for Tony Stark.

    Black Widow right before she dies and the rest of the Avengers at a funeral for Tony Stark.

    "I enjoyed Infinity War a lot more, as the writing was better."


    14. In Pitch Perfect 3, when Jesse dumped Beca for some other girl, even though that totally went against his character arc, just so Beca could have a new love interest for the movie.

    Beca tells Amy that her long distance relationship with Jesse didn't work because he lives 3000 miles away with his new girlfriend. Amy is surprised he got over her so quickly.

    "The first movie shouldn’t have gotten any sequels. I thought the second movie was bad but at least it didn’t fuck over its characters. In the third movie, we find out Jesse dumped Beca for some other girl but he would never, ever do that. Ugh, I’m fuming."


    15. Finally, in Toy Story 4, when Woody left Bonnie and said goodbye to all of his friends at the end of the movie.


    "One of Woody's biggest character traits was his loyalty to his kid, whoever that happened to be at the time. He also never would have abandoned his friends or anything else he stood for."


    Obviously, we can't fit everything, so tell us your favorite (or least favorite) out-of-ideas movie moment below.

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