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    18 Famous People Who Were Unmasked On Season 3 Of "The Masked Singer"

    Altogether they have 69 Grammy nominations, 88 gold records, 11 Super Bowl appearances, and so much more.

    So, last night was the Season 3 finale of The Masked Singer, and we finally learned which celebs were hiding under the Frog, Turtle, and Night Angel masks.


    But before I reveal their identities, let's take a moment to remember all the famous people who appeared on the show this season:

    18. Robot β€” Lil Wayne


    Standout performance: "Are You Gonna Go My Way" by Lenny Kravitz

    Biggest clues revealed: 1) The clue package showed scientists pointing to Pl on the periodic table β€” aka Platinum β€” and Wayne's debut album was certified platinum.

    2) The clue package also showed a fire truck, which referred to Lil Wayne's song "Fireman."

    3) There was a skateboard shown in the clues, and Lil Wayne loves skateboarding.

    17. Llama β€” Drew Carey


    Standout performance: "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones

    Biggest clues revealed: 1) He talked about "spinning his wheels," which referred to Drew's time hosting The Price Is Right.

    2) He also mentioned his strategy to "think on [his] feet," which was a nod to his time hosting Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    3) He mentioned spending time with cannons and radio stations, and he was in the Marine Corps Reserves as a radio operator.

    16. Miss Monster β€” Chaka Khan


    Standout performance: "You Don't Own Me" by Lesley Gore

    Biggest clues revealed: 1) The clue package showed a locker with the number 10 on it, which referred to Chaka's 10 Grammys.

    2) There was also a queen chess piece, which was a nod to her "Queen of Funk" nickname.

    3) The clue package contained a TON of hair references, like hair products and even a masked appearance by Chaka's hairstylist.

    4) That voice, duh.

    15. Elephant β€” Tony Hawk


    Standout performance: "Friday I'm in Love" by the Cure

    Biggest clues revealed: 1) In the clue package, he talked about going from "canvassing park benches to leading the charge of a massive movement," which referred to Tony's childhood skateboarding in San Diego parks and becoming the face of skateboarding in America.

    2) The birds in the clue package were a nod to Tony's last name, Hawk, and his skateboard company, Birdhouse.

    3) The clue package also mentioned the White House, which was a reference to the time in 2010 when Tony skated through the White House at a Father's Day event.

    14. Mouse β€” Dionne Warwick


    Standout performance: "This Will Be (an Everlasting Love)" by Natalie Cole

    Biggest clues revealed: 1) The clue package showed prayer hands, which were a nod to Dionne's iconic song "I Say a Little Prayer for You."

    2) The Mouse also said "anything less than gold," which was a reference to Dionne's TV series Solid Gold.

    3) The clues also showed a football montage, and Dionne is a huge Las Vegas Raiders fan and an honorary Raiders coach.

    13. Taco β€” Tom Bergeron


    Standout performance: "Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra

    Biggest clues revealed: 1) Taco gave Nicole Scherzinger a bracelet that said "Kiss," which was supposed to reference the time she won Dancing With the Stars β€” a show Tom hosts β€” dancing to Kiss.

    2) The clues showed a bowl of baked beans, which represented Tom's hometown Boston β€” aka "Beantown."

    3) The clues package also showed a stack of VHS tapes, which was a nod to Tom's time hosting America's Funniest Home Videos.

    12. Bear β€” Sarah Palin


    Standout performance: "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot

    Biggest clues revealed: 1) The clue package showed a weekly schedule with "LIVE!" written beneath Saturday, which referred to Tina Fey's impression of her and the time she appeared on Saturday Night Live.

    2) The clues also showed ace and king playing cards, which were a nod to her home state of Alaska, also abbreviated as AK.

    3) She mentioned having cubs, and there were also ice skates and a hockey puck, which referred to Sarah being a "hockey mom."

    11. Swan β€” Bella Thorne


    Standout performance: "I Hate Myself for Loving You" by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

    Biggest clues revealed: 1) The clues showed a shaking thermos, which was a nod to her starring role on Disney Channel's Shake It Up.

    2) The clue package also showed dolphins and sunshine, which represented Bella's growing up in Miami.

    3) During her performance of "I Hate Myself for Loving You," pictures of Ken Jeong were displayed behind her, and she and Ken were costars in The Duff.

    10. T. Rex β€” JoJo Siwa


    Standout performance: "Jai Ho" by the Pussycat Dolls

    Biggest clues revealed: 1) The clue package talked about T. Rex being "picked out of obscurity" and brought into a world of talented people "pirouetting the land," which was a nod to her start on Dance Moms.

    2) The clues also showed candy lips and a toy cannon, which were references to JoJo hosting Lip Sync Battle Shorties with Nick Cannon.

    3) In the clues, there was a compass with N and W circled, which referred to the time she famously babysat Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West's daughter North.

    4) There was also a gold U balloon, which represented JoJo's 10 million–plus YouTube subscribers.

    9. White Tiger β€” Rob Gronkowski


    Standout performance: "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

    Biggest clues revealed: 1) The clue package showed a picture with a cow skiing, and Gronk's last name is pronounced "Gron-COW-SKI."

    2) The White Tiger was also shown shooting baskets, which was a reference to Gronk's cameo in Katy Perry's "Swish Swish" music video.

    3) The horse piΓ±ata was a reference to Gronk's racehorse β€” also named Gronkowski.

    4) The book The World of Wild Cats was also shown in the clue package, which referred to Gronk's alma mater team the University of Arizona Wildcats.

    8. Kangaroo β€” Jordyn Woods


    Standout performance: "Dancing on My Own" by Robyn

    Biggest clues revealed: 1) The clues showed a wooden model plane, which referred to both Jordyn's last name and her work as a model.

    2) The clue package also mentioned Kangaroo finding herself in the spotlight for "all the wrong reasons," which was a nod to the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal in 2019.

    3) She also mentioned losing someone very close to her, and Jordyn lost her father in 2017.

    7. Banana β€” Bret Michaels


    Standout performance: "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Biggest clues revealed: 1) The clue package showed a blowfish, viper, and bug spray β€” all poison β€” which was a reference to his band Poison.

    2) Banana was also shown partying on a bus, which was a nod to Bret's series Rock of Love Bus With Bret Michaels.

    3) The clues showed a blue collar, which was actually a reference to Bret's line of pet accessories.

    6. Astronaut β€” Hunter Hayes


    Standout performance: "Story of My Life" by One Direction

    Biggest clues revealed: 1) The clue package showed the Orion constellation, and Orion was a hunter.

    2) The clues also showed a bridge, which was supposed to represent Hunter's hometown Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

    3) Astronaut mentioned getting help from "the mob," which referred to when Robert Duvall β€” who starred in The Godfather β€” gave Hunter his first guitar.

    5. Kitty β€” Jackie Evancho


    Standout performance: "Dangerous Woman" by Ariana Grande

    Biggest clues revealed: 1) Kitty said she got her start from Robert Redford, and Jackie's first acting role was in his movie The Company You Keep.

    2) Kitty gave Robin Thicke a friendship bracelet that said "fireworks," and she said the first time they met it was "lit," which might refer to the 2011 Grove Christmas Tree Lighting and fireworks show, where they both performed.

    3) The clues also made a ton of opera references, and Jackie got her start as an opera singer.

    4. Rhino β€” Barry Zito


    Standout performance: "10,000 Hours" by Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber

    Biggest clues revealed: 1) One of Rhino's clues mentioned giants, and Barry played for the San Francisco Giants.

    2) There was also a clue that showed the state of Missouri with a crown on top of it β€” Barry is married to former Miss Missouri Amber Marie Seyer.

    3) The clues showed a Grand Ole Opry hint, and Barry once played in a charity softball game where his team represented the Opry.

    4) He also cowrote a song called "Butterflies," which might be why one of the clue packages showed a bunch of butterflies.

    3. Frog β€” Bow Wow


    Standout performance: "Jump" by Kris Kross

    Biggest clues revealed: 1) The clue package showed a 1996 Olympics poster, and that's a nod to Bow Wow's home in Atlanta. The number 13 is shown a lot too, which was the age Bow Wow was when his career began.

    2) There was also $106 and a basketball shown in the clue package, which referenced 106 & Park, a show he hosted, and Like Mike, a movie he starred in.

    3) There were a ton of "prince" references, which actually referred to Bow Wow's single "Prince of Darkness."

    2. Turtle β€” Jesse McCartney


    Standout performance: "Before You Go" by Lewis Capaldi

    Biggest clues revealed: 1) Turtle has said that during the beginning of his career, he was surrounded by "hungry newcomers," and there was a chalkboard with "Don’t Rave Ever at My School, Turtle" β€” both refer to the beginning of his career in the boy band Dream Street.

    2) The clue package also showed a map of South Korea with a special emphasis on Seoul β€” a nod to Jesse's iconic hit "Beautiful Soul."

    3) There were a bunch of comic book clues, which referred to Jesse's role as superhero Robin in Young Justice.

    1. Night Angel β€” Kandi Burruss


    Standout performance: "River Deep β€” Mountain High" by Ike & Tina Turner

    Biggest clues revealed: 1) The clue package showed three tough-looking grandmas, which was a nod to Kandi's restaurant, Old Lady Gang.

    2) Night Angel's friend talked about how she missed a lot of school and prom because of her career. Kandi has also spoken about having to miss prom and almost missing high school graduation because of her involvement in the band Xscape.

    3) There was also a snowglobe and ski gear, which referred to The Real Housewives of Atlanta spinoff series Kandi's Ski Trip.