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    19 Jokes About "The Masked Singer" That Are Equal Parts Comical And Very, Very Accurate

    "You: American Idol. Me, an intellectual: The Masked Singer."

    So unless you've been far, far, FAR away from your TV and the internet, you might've heard about — and watched — The Masked Singer.

    I mean, this show is bonkers in the *best* way possible.

    And clearly the rest of the world feels the same:


    Based on trending topics, very hard to tell if a celebrity has died or was just revealed as the Masked Singer.



    Thinking about going on the Masked Singer. Think they’ll recognize me?



    could u imagine if I were on the masked singer? I'd tweet "heading to be the cat on the masked singer"






    “And the masked singer is...” [removes mask] [hundreds of shrieking bats flutter out of neck spout. The audience screams. There is nowhere to run.] Me watching at home: “Called it.”


    for someone who's never watched an episode of the masked singer and 100% never intends to I sure google the results of the masked singer a lot


    In NYC, when I work on a script at a coffee shop I am a poet, an artist, a bohemian. I am William S Burroughs. In LA, when I work on a script at a coffee shop I am a lemming, a poser, a sell-out. I am the cast of The Masked Singer.


    imagine the masked singer ripped off its mask and it was gritty


    The Masked Singer has to stop. I do not have the heart to log onto Twitter on a Wednesday and see Drew Carey trending at #1 for no obvious reason.


    watching The Masked Singer with my dad and he goes “I think it’s Madonna” yeah Ray it’s definitely the world’s best selling female artist of all time with a net worth of $600 million singing on ITV at 7pm on a Saturday night dressed as a hench yellow duck


    i have just seen a clip of The Masked Singer, and I am now certain that we are only in an age of television that could be called "All The Fake Shows From 30 Rock Came True"


    Therapist: the egg mask from season 2 of the masked singer isn’t real it can’t hurt you The egg mask:


    The masked singer taking of their mask like... #maskedsinger