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    32 Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of The "Little Fires Everywhere" Cast That Prove They're Just As Cool As We Thought

    These friendships started the fire!

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    So, the finale of Little Fires Everywhere hit Hulu yesterday and it was W-I-L-D.

    On the show, the characters don't seem to get along suuuuuper well, but I can assure you that in real life the cast is closer than you could ever imagine.

    Don't believe me? Just see for yourself:

    1. Like, just look at this shot of Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington just hangin' out on the pretend subway:

    2. This adorable shot of Kerry and her mini-me, Tiffany Boone:

    3. This cute shot of Megan Stott and her mini-me:

    4. And this shot of Reese and her mini-me, AnnaSophia Robb:

    5. This pic of the whole Richardson clan looking chipper as ever:

    6. And this pic of the Richardson kids doing some off-set bonding:

    7. This LOL-worthy photo of Reese in the middle of a wild payphone call:

    8. This pic of Lexi Underwood, Jordan Elsass, and Gavin Lewis showing off their Shaker Heights school pride:

    9. This adorable pic of Reese cuddling up to her onscreen hubby Joshua Jackson:

    10. This pic of Kerry and Reese with the book that inspired the whole freakin' series:

    11. This cute selfie of AnnaSophia and Reese that just goes to show they really ARE twins:

    12. This vintage-y looking snapshot of Jordan and Lexi hanging out after dark:

    13. This freaking adorable photo of Jade Pettyjohn and SteVonté Hart, for anyone who just can't get enough "Brexie":

    14. This hilarious photo of Kerry and Reese preparing to put out some ~little fires~:

    15. This mirror selfie of Jade in her character's '90s bedroom:

    16. This hilarious but adorable re-creation of the Richardsons' retro family portraits:

    17. This super cute shot of the Richardson kids celebrating with Liz Tigelaar, the series' showrunner:

    18. This photo of Reese, Kerry, and Kerry's dad Earl — who appeared on the show too as a background artist:

    19. This photo of Jordan, Gavin, and Lexi taking part in some behind-the-scenes shenanigans:

    20. This group pic of the cast and creators after a very, very successful first table read:

    21. This cute homecoming photo of Megan and Isabel Gravitt:

    22. This fierce pic of Lexi and Kerry proving that the Warren ladies are a force to be reckoned with:

    23. And this pic of Lexi and Kerry just being an absolute delight:

    24. This photo of Reese doing some '90s research to get into character:

    25. This sweet-as-can-be selfie of Lexi and Reese:

    26. This photo of Gavin playing some tunes between scenes:

    27. This pic of Megan and Gavin hitting the food trucks for lunch:

    28. This pic of SteVonté, Lexi, Megan, Jade, and Gavin being super silly for the camera:

    29. This pic of Jordan and Gavin hanging out in the Richardson boys' secret hideaway:

    30. This cast selfie Kerry took during one of the many table reads:

    31. This silly pic of the cast in their characters' Halloween costumes:

    32. And finally, this absolutely adorable pic of all the kids at Disneyland for a well-deserved break:

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