Here Are 15 TV Show Lies And Tricks That You Probably Didn't Even Realize Weren't Real

    Believe it or not, but the people on Fixer Upper don't actually get a free home makeover.

    1. On Friends, Chandler peed on Monica's jellyfish sting, but in reality, urine actually causes the jellyfish stingers to release MORE venom.

    2. On Catfish, it's often the catfish who contacts the show's producers because they're finally ready to come clean. However, Nev is not privy to that info, and all of his investigations are totally real.

    3. On The Good Place, the shrimp Eleanor ate were specially made vegetarian "rubber nuggets" because Kristen Bell is a vegetarian in real life.

    4. On RuPaul's Drag Race, they actually film versions of the top three queens winning the show so that there aren't any leaks, and the real winner finds out when the episode airs.

    5. On Grey's Anatomy, the blood for the surgery scenes is actually a concoction made of fake blood, jello, and chicken fat. They use real bovine organs as well.

    6. On Cash Cab, most of the contestants are vetted and chosen before even entering the vehicle — the process is not as random as the show makes it out to be.

    7. On The Office, John Krasinski is wearing a wig during the last six episodes of Season 3 because he had to cut his hair for his role in Leatherheads, which was filmed at the same time.

    8. Also on The Office, the cold open where Jim pops Dwight's fitness orb was a complete accident — the ball was supposed to deflate slowly, but John Krasinski unintentionally hit the ball's seam and it popped instantly.

    9. On Fixer Upper, the contestants have to buy the furniture if they want to keep it. Otherwise, it goes back to Joanna Gaines' store, Magnolia Market.

    10. On Rock of Love, some contestants' contracts included a clause "that explicitly stated [the show] had no liability if Bret Michaels gave you an STI."

    11. On Sesame Street, Maria and Luis weren't actually married in real life.

    12. On The Masked Singer, not every member of the studio audience gets to see who's unmasked at the end of the episode. They film surprised reactions and then have to wait until the episode airs on TV.

    13. On The Bachelor, the "Bachelor Mansion" is actually rented out by the show and belongs to Marshall Haraden and his family. Contestants also "aren’t allowed in a majority of the house, so that 'mansion' really feels like living in a small house with 30 other people."

    14. Also on The Bachelor, the contestants' hometown houses aren't always theirs — several homes actually belonged to extended family members or were rented for the sole purpose of the show.

    15. Finally, on The Late Late Show, James Corden doesn't always drive while filming Carpool Karaoke.

    Saw James corden and Justin Bieber filming carpool karaoke and this is why I have trust issues — he isn't even driving!

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