"Legally Blonde" Just Turned 20, So Here Are 12 Side-By-Sides Of The Cast Then Vs. Now

    Spoiler alert: They're all doing fabulously.

    Legally Blonde is officially 20 years old!

    And to celebrate, we took a trip down memory lane to see what the cast has been up to since the movie:

    First, here's Reese Witherspoon then:

    Reese holding her characters Chihuahua and rocking a newsboy cap

    And here's Reese Witherspoon now:

    Here's Jennifer Coolidge then:

    And here's Jennifer Coolidge now:

    Here's Luke Wilson then:

    And here's Luke Wilson now:

    Here's Matthew Davis then:

    And here's Matthew Davis now:

    Here's Selma Blair then:

    And here's Selma Blair now:

    Here's Victor Garber then:

    And here's Victor Garber now:

    Here's Holland Taylor then:

    And here's Holland Taylor now:

    Here's Ali Larter then:

    And here's Ali Larter now:

    Here's Linda Cardellini then:

    And here's Linda Cardellini now:

    Here's Bruce Thomas then:

    And here's Bruce Thomas now:

    Here's Alanna Ubach then:

    And here's Alanna Ubach now:

    Here's Jessica Cauffiel then:

    And finally, here's Jessica Cauffiel now:

    And there you have it! Who are you the most excited to see return for the third installment? Tell us all about it in the comments below.