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    Lady Gaga's "Stupid Love" Music Video Finally Premiered And Suddenly I Stan Kindness Punks And '80s Synth

    "Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique." —Little Monsters rn

    The wait is finally over, Little Monsters! LG6 is coming and we already have a brand spankin' new single called "Stupid Love."

    And the video is truly everything I needed it to be.

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    Gaga hasn't officially announced the name of her album, but fans are convinced it'll be called "Chromatica," after seeing a logo pop up at the end of the "Stupid Love" music video.

    It starts in the most Gaga-esque way possible and delivers just a lil' bit of backstory about a world in war and conflict.

    Until finally our Mother Monster shows up with her posse of "Kindness punks."

    And they save the world with the power of killer dance moves and some '80s synth.

    Long story short, it's a total bop and it's everything I needed from a Gaga single.

    And lemme just say, the stans are THRIVING today:

    My headphones playing Stupid Love for the 3,756th time

    Me forcing my straight friends to listen to Stupid Love today

    I’m unfollowing anyone trash talking Stupid Love

    little monsters tonight streaming #StupidLove on as many devices as they can

    Stupid Love is that pure pop abba Android shit that I need right now. Nice job @bloodpop @ladygaga max martin and @iamTchami

    I didn't listen to the Stupid Love leaks so I didn't know what to expect .... I AM SATISFIED!!

    me sitting here thinking if I truly want his stupid love

    Stupid love is such a fucking bop

    did i stream stupid love on a low volume for several hours...perhaps

    Watch "Stupid Love" here!

    So, be honest. How many times did you listen to "Stupid Love" today? Tell us in the comments below.