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15 Keke Palmer Moments That Are Equal Parts Hilarious And Wholesome

There's nothing wilder than the time Keke Palmer did a photoshoot and had butterflies peeing all over her.

1. First, when Keke Palmer reminisced about the time she found out she died on Twitter:

Keke Palmer in an interview

2. When she made fans fall in love with her even more after watching her chaotically play The Sims 4 on Instagram Live:

Screenshot of Keke Palmer's Instagram live

3. When she absolutely stunned Daniel Kaluuya (and me) with this story about butterflies peeing on her:

Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer in an interview

4. When she had this honestly perfect reaction to a fan who called her the "lady" in Nope:

Interview with the cast of "Nope"

5. When she correctly guessed Amelia Dimoldenberg's astrological sign with just an impressive three questions:

Keke Palmer in an interview

6. When she took on the ultimate challenge for famous people everywhere — Hot Ones.

Keke Palmer on "Hot Ones"

7. And when she mustered up the courage to come back on the show just a few years later:

Keke Palmer on "Hot Ones"

8. When she did her best Angela Bassett impression and it was Angela-approved:

Keke Palmer and Angela Bassett

9. When she danced it out and made us all wanna get up and join her:

10. When she sang this little jingle before she interviewed Megan Thee Stallion and it got stuck in our heads for months after:

Megan Thee Stallion and Keke Palmer

11. When she shared her true feelings about Drake's "In My Feelings":

Keke Palmer getting ready

12. When she revealed the real reason behind why she's not allowed to use Postmates anymore:

Keke Palmer in an interview

13. When she shared her love of puns and the seminal classic Titanic with the world:

Keke Palmer talking with Steve Harvey

14. When she did this BuzzFeed quiz word-jumble and was so ready to become a meme:

The cast of "Nope" doing a BuzzFeed quiz

15. And last, but certainly not least, when she iconically told the world she had no idea who Dick Cheney was:

"Sorry to this man."

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