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    "The Umbrella Academy" Stars Justin H. Min And Emmy Raver-Lampman Read Thirst Tweets, And It's Absolutely *Everything*

    I watch The Umbrella Academy for the plot. 😏

    Listen up, folks! Justin H. Min and Emmy Raver-Lampman have finally seen your thirst tweets, and they have some serious thoughts.

    To celebrate the release of The Umbrella Academy's third season, we invited Justin and Emmy to sit down, relax, and read your spiciest, sexiest, and thirstiest tweets about them.

    From the poetically wholesome tweets...

    Justin smiling while reading a tweet that says "Justin Min, would you consider one single kiss?" the classic "what's a simp?" moment...

    Emmy saying she doesn't know what simp means, asking if it's short for simply, Justin saying no, and Emmy asking for help the inevitable toe tweet...

    Both Justin and Emmy smiling as Justin reads a tweet that says "I will eat Justin Min's toes"'s just seven minutes of pure delightfulness.

    Justin and Min looking into each other's eyes and smiling adorably

    You can watch all of Emmy and Justin's reactions below:

    View this video on YouTube

    And be sure to tune into Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy, which is streaming on Netflix now!