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    Jennifer Garner Losing Her Car In A Parking Garage Is So Freaking Funny And All Too Relatable

    "I would like to tell you this was an isolated incident, but..."

    You probably know Jennifer Garner...the mega-talented actress, Instagram-mom, and pretty much an absolute icon? Yes. That one.

    Well, the other day Jennifer posted the best Instagram video of her looking for her car in the parking garage while carrying a Build-A-Bear.

    So without a further ado, lemme take you through Jennifer's journey of a lifetime.

    First, we found out that Jennifer (and whoever was filming this whole experience) had already been walking for 10 whole minutes!

    And that she was very certain that her car was parked in section Y of the garage.

    So, she walked through the garage, pressing her alarm button hoping that she'd hear her car beep.

    But alas, she heard nothing, and realized her car keys were probably out of batteries. :((((

    Then, Jennifer had an idea.

    And she and her friend got into their car to continue the hunt for Jennifer's lost car.

    And it did, indeed, get complicated.

    Jennifer remembered that she MAY have gone around the loop when she first parked her car.

    But then again, maybe she didn't.

    "It's been 25 minutes of looking for a car on a one-level parking garage," she said, nearly defeated.

    Until suddenly...

    She saw it!!!!

    And if you recall from about 30 seconds ago, Jennifer was positive her car was parked in section Y. But as it turns out it was in section F all along!!!!

    And TBH, I've never related to anything more than this.

    So, thank you Jennifer Garner for taking us all on this truly epic journey. I'm so glad you found your car! And don't worry, because this happens to the best of us!!!!!