Jenna Ushkowitz And Kevin McHale Talk "Glee" Memories, Cast Parties At Their House, And Their "Reckoning" With Ryan Murphy

    On moments when Kevin McHale broke character: "You see Kevin on camera a lot. His reactions were to the actor, not to the character. You will see Artie, and he'll be [laughing] and that was actually Kevin reacting to our performance."

    Since its debut in 2009, Glee has taken the pop culture world by storm. Whether you were a theater-obsessed nerd who couldn't get enough of the series or just a bystander scouring the tabloids for behind-the-scenes drama, it's hard to deny that the show had a serious, lasting impact. Now, 13 years later, stars Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale, who starred as Tina and Artie, are ready to reunite with the cast and crew, rewatch the show, and talk about what it was really like working on Glee

    So, to celebrate their new iHeartRadio podcast, And That's What You Really Missed, Jenna and Kevin sat down with BuzzFeed to set the record straight and talk about the series that changed their lives. We talk about their infamous cast parties, moments they broke character, the plethora of A-Listers who adored the show, and so much more. Now without further ado, here's everything — dare I say — you missed on Glee

    It takes two poster with both actors' headshots

    1. First, what made you want to restart your Glee rewatch podcast together and look back on your time on the show? Especially because with this podcast and the Discovery+ documentary in the works, everyone seems to be interested in what went on behind the scenes.

    2. You mentioned a whole new generation of people finding Glee now that the series is available on streaming, what has it been like meeting some of those younger fans who definitely wouldn't have watched the show when it aired?

    cast members dancing in the Glee rehearsal room

    3. That's so wild! How does it feel knowing that the fans (myself included) see Glee as a “comfort show” and still rewatch it over and over again?

    cast members on the show posing with their Glee trophy

    4. It was so great getting to hear you chat with Ryan Murphy about the good ol' days during Episode 1, do you keep in touch with anyone else from the show? And can we expect any more exciting guests on the pod?

    5. Exciting! I want to pivot a little, so Glee was notorious for it’s wild storylines, what’s one storyline that shocked you to your core after reading it in the script?

    Kevin wearing a costume that says STDs on it and Jenna in a costume sitting on top of Darren on a bed

    6. Going off of that, in your rewatch has there been a storyline you completely forgot about and were kind of shocked to find out it happened?

    the cast in the rehearsal room

    7. So Kevin, in the first episode of the pod, you talked about breaking character and staring into the camera during “What Does the Fox Say?” Are there more similar moments that we may have missed?

    kevin's character looking at the camera while a toy version of himself sits on his lap

    8. On the pod, you also mentioned being "the last to break." Can you talk a little bit about that? Was that in regard to your character on-screen?

    Kevin's character sitting in the middle of the hallway with slushie all over him and the floor, empty cups lying around

    9. In her book, Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up, Naya Rivera talked about the infamous cast parties you hosted at your place when you were roommates. How did those come to be?

    10. Do you have any favorite core memories from those parties?

    11. You mention a lot of huge celebrities were fans of the show. Who was someone you were genuinely shocked to find out was a fan of Glee?

    Stevie Nicks on the show

    12. And then you also had the opportunity to meet a bunch of iconic people like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, who both guest-starred on the show. What was it like working alongside them, almost like contemporaries?

    Brittany and Lindsey on the show

    13. At the end of the series we got a glimpse of where the characters would be in 2020, but where do you think Tina and Artie would be today in 2022?

    Tina and Artie sitting in a school office holding hands

    14. There were so many themed episodes throughout the years, if Glee were still on in 2022, which songs or artists do you think the New Directions would cover?

    the new directions covering grease and lady gaga during performances

    15. You both are such great friends off-screen, did your friendship inspire Tina/Artie’s relationship? Or did your friendship come after your characters got together?

    16. One of my favorite episodes was "Props", where Tina hits her head and has a dream where everyone plays different characters. What was it like getting to explore your own versions of Rachel and Santana?

    Jenna playing Rachel in front of her classmates clapping

    17. And finally, if you could play any other character on the show who would you pick?

    Emma and Blaine

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