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Jake Gyllenhaal Called Jamie Lee Curtis And Got Her To Do More "Halloween" Movies, Plus 10 More Behind-The-Scenes Stories She Shared About The Franchise

"Laurie Strode has been able to learn to live alongside her grief. It doesn't consume her. It allows her to exist. And maybe for a second, you get this idea that maybe Laurie Strode can be okay...and then the rest of the drama begins."

🚨Warning: There are MAJOR spoilers ahead for the Halloween movies!🚨

1. Laurie Strode was Jamie's first acting role and she was 19 when she starred in the movie. Jamie even called the role an "acting part" because, at the time, she was nothing like Laurie and had to make the audience believe she was.

But now, 44 years later, Jamie says that she and Laurie have become woven together, all thanks to the franchise's fans.

2. Halloween was filmed in just 17 days.

3. The Halloween crew dedicated Steely Dan's "Hey Nineteen" to Jamie, and she still likes to remember it as her song.

4. Because the film was shot out of order, Jamie numbered her scenes on a "terror meter," so she could make her performance fit the context of the movie better.

5. Director John Carpenter told Jamie the one thing he wanted was for Laurie to be "vulnerable," but she didn't quite understand what that meant.

Jamie said that after making the movie, she went to a packed movie theater showing Halloween. At the moment right before Laurie is about to come head to head with Michael Myers, an audience member stood up and yelled "DON'T GO IN THERE, THERE'S A KILLER IN THE HOUSE!"

Then, as several more audience members began yelling similar phrases, Jamie understood that playing Laurie as "vulnerable" meant that viewers genuinely cared about her.

6. Jamie said that fake blood is the hardest thing to wash off, but Dawn dish soap is what has surprisingly done the trick for her.

7. Jamie was actually the one who pitched Halloween H20: 20 Years Later.

8. H20 was supposed to end with Laurie killing Michael once and for all. But right before they were about to begin filming, Jamie had seen the script with a different, more ambiguous ending than the one she'd first conceived and almost dropped out of the movie.

Kevin Williamson is the one who came up with the movie's actual ending, where Laurie thinks she's killed Michael but it turns out it was actually an innocent paramedic.

9. Because of the way H20 ended, Jamie wanted Laurie to be killed off in the next movie, Halloween: Resurrection, because she couldn't live knowing that Laurie was a killer.

10. After Laurie's "death" in Resurrection, Jamie never planned on being in another Halloween movie, but a call from Jake Gyllenhaal, her godson, is what ended up changing her mind.

David Gordon Green wanted to frame the new movies showing Laurie Strode 40 years later where she's "living behind barbed wire, emotionally, physically, spiritually."

11. And finally, Halloween Ends will take place four years after Halloween Kills, and at this point, Laurie has gone through grief therapy and has "finally been given the help she's always needed."

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