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    I Truly Cannot Stop Listening To This Playlist Gavin Leatherwood Made For His Teen Self

    Zero skips here.

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    Hot off the release of his new single, "Just for Tonight," Gavin Leatherwood — who's releasing music under the moniker Leatherwood — is kicking off 2021 with some hot tunes and great vibes.

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    He can act, he can sing — is there anything he can't do?

    We were lucky enough to sit down with him and tap into his angsty teen years, learn about the artists who made him the person he is today, and create a banger of a playlist for his teenage self.

    So, which songs would he angstily stare out the window and sing to himself? Which artists really captured his true essence? Watch the video below to find out:

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    And, of course, we wouldn't leave you hanging — here's Gavin's playlist so you, too, can bask in all things '00s nostalgia:

    Can't get enough Leatherwood? Stream his new single, "Just for Tonight," and keep an eye out for his new album, which is dropping soon!

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