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What Celebrity Is Actually Super Underrated On Instagram?

TBH, following Busy Philipps changed my entire life.

Everyone knows that Kylie Jenner is the the ~queen~ of the Insta selfie and The Rock has all the best workout selfies.

But what about all those celebrities who are actually really funny on Instagram, that people don't even KNOW about?

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Like, maybe you can't fall asleep at night without seeing everything Busy Philipps posted during the day.

Or perhaps you have notifications on for every time Lizzo posts, because you know it's gonna be good.

Heck, maybe you LIVE for Woody Harrelson's Insta captions because you know they'll always make you laugh out loud.

Whoever it is, we wanna know! In the comments below, tell us who you think is the funniest celebrity on Instagram, and why they're so great! The best responses will make it into a BuzzFeed Community post.