Florence Pugh Opened Up About Not "Complying" With Hollywood's Body Standards

    “I’m never losing weight to look fantastic for a role. It’s more like, how would this character have lived? What would she be eating?”

    So you know Florence Pugh — actor extraordinaire, ball of sunshine, iconic social media chef, and now Vogue cover model.

    Florence poses on the red carpet

    In her latest video with Vogue, she teaches viewers how to make a garlicky crostini, mixes her favorite martini, and chats about her life.

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    One moment in particular that stands out is when Florence opens up about body image, especially as a working actor in Hollywood.

    Florence looks over her shoulder as she poses for photographers on the red carpet

    While cooking, she says, "Body image for women is a major thing. From the moment you start growing thighs and bums and boobs and all of it, everything starts changing. And your relationship with food starts changing."

    Florence slices cherry tomatoes as she talks

    She continues, "I had a weird chapter at the beginning of my career, but that was because I wasn't complying. I think that was confusing to people, especially in Hollywood."

    Florence saying "I wasn't complying"

    Florence says, "Women in Hollywood, especially young women in Hollywood, are obviously putting themselves in all these ways in order to get whatever opportunity that they need to get because that's just the way that it's been."

    Florence in an off-the-shoulder outfit

    She continues, "I think I definitely put my foot down in that aspect. I love food."

    Florence in a kitchen cooking

    She goes on to elaborate even more in her Vogue cover story, where she says, "We are human; we are bodies. Yes, I can put makeup on and look good for a premiere. But at the end of the day, I still have hair on the top of my lip and I still smell after a workout and I still get spots when I’m stressed. I think that attitude definitely has trickled down from when I was a child."

    She also says, “I’m never losing weight to look fantastic for a role. It’s more like, how would this character have lived? What would she be eating?”

    Close-ups of Florence focused on something she's holding and looking in the distance

    Her comments on the topic come just months after she called out trolls who criticized her for wearing a sheer dress on the red carpet.

    Florence in a sheer chiffon dress

    She shut down haters once and for all when she said, "Grow up. Respect people. Respect bodies. Respect all women. Respect humans. Life will get a whole lot easier; I promise."

    And you know what? Props to her, because I couldn't have said it better myself.

    Read Florence's full Vogue interview here and watch her video here.