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Here Are 17 Times Disney Channel Was Unexpectedly Very Dark

Disney really went there.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community which surprisingly dark Disney Channel moments genuinely shocked them. Here's what they said:

Note: Not all responses are from Community users.

1. First, in That's So Raven, when Raven's body was photoshopped in a magazine to make her look super thin.

2. In Lizzie McGuire, when Miranda started skipping meals because she wanted to lose weight before filming a music video.

3. In the first episode of So Weird!, when a Chicago ship capsized and caused hundreds of deaths. Then, Fi had to help a ghost child find his dead parents so they could all finally rest in peace.

4. In Andi Mack, when Cyrus hung out with some friends from school and one of them was carrying a loaded gun.

5. In The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, when London was told she wasn't thin enough and started starving herself, while Maddie was told she was too thin and started binge-eating.

6. In Pixel Perfect, when Loretta was struck by lightning and died.

7. In Tiger Cruise, when Maddie and the rest of the military families learned of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and their naval ship went into high alert.

8. In Susie Q, when Susie and her boyfriend Johnny got hit by a drunk driver and died.

9. In The Color of Friendship, when Mahree — who was from apartheid South Africa — couldn't understand racism.

10. In That's So Raven, when a racist store manager wouldn't hire Raven because she was black.

11. In Smart Guy, when T.J. and his friend bought a bootleg video game from a stranger online, and the stranger tried to get them to take off their clothes in his basement.

12. In Boy Meets World, when Shawn felt like he didn't matter and that no one else cared about him, so he joined a cult.

13. In Smart Guy, when Yvette worked for a racist store manager who would follow black people around the store and accuse them of shoplifting.

14. In The Proud Family, when Penny lived with a Muslim family for a few days and came home to find their house had been vandalized.

15. In Miracle in Lane 2, when Seth finally admitted that he was terrified that his little brother could die at any moment.

16. In Boy Meets World, when Shawn started drinking without realizing alcoholism runs in his family and he shoved his girlfriend Angela into a door.

17. Finally, in Tru Confessions, when Eddie, who was autistic, got separated from his sister, Tru, and he panicked trying to find her while unintentionally causing a commotion at the library.

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