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Tell Us Your Favorite Movie Scene From The Past 10 Years

Tell us!

We've all watched those movie scenes that left us truly and utterly speechless in the best way possible.

Well, we wanna know what movie scenes from the 2010s really did that for you.

Maybe you sobbed during Professor Pearlman's speech during Call Me By Your Name, because it was one of the realest and most heartbreaking things you've ever seen.

Or maybe you truly couldn't stop watching J.Lo's pole dance in Hustlers, and tried to learn it yourself.

Or maybe you STILL can't get over the perfect direction and Andrew Garfield's true badassery during this scene from The Social Network.

Whatever it is, we wanna know! Tell us your favorite movie scene from the 2010s and why it's so great. The best responses will be put in a BuzzFeed Community post.