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    Updated on Aug 1, 2019. Posted on Jul 31, 2019

    17 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About HBO's "Euphoria"

    Hunter Schafer has literally never acted before.

    1. Series creator Sam Levinson revealed that he included some of his own experiences while adapting the show for the US.

    2. Hunter Schafer and Barbie Ferreira's personal experiences influenced their characters' storylines.

    3. Euphoria is actually Hunter's first acting gig. Before the show she was a full-time model in New York City.


    In her Build Series interview, Hunter reveals that Euphoria is her first real acting job and she found out about the casting call from Instagram. Episode 1's motel scene with Eric Dane and Episode 3's "dick pic tutorial" were some of the scenes she had to audition with.

    4. Angus Cloud was cast as Fezco very quickly.


    Casting director Jennifer Venditti remembers that the minute she saw his tape, she knew he was a natural and "100 percent" Fezco. Euphoria is also his first professional acting role.

    5. Kat's reaction to the micropenis in Episode 3 is completely genuine.

    6. Jacob Elordi, who plays Nate, said he was "practically homeless" when he auditioned for Euphoria.


    In an interview with Wonderland magazine, Jacob explained that at the time of his audition he didn't have any money or management, and he forgot his lines at the casting call.

    7. Maude Apatow was always meant to be cast in the show.

    8. Alexa Demie, who plays Maddie, said that being cast in the show was a "spiritual experience" for her.

    9. Levinson and his team created a gravity defying set for Rue's rotating hallway scene in the first episode.


    Levinson revealed that the background actors were strapped to the ground while the room spun.

    10. One of the fight scenes between Rue and her mother was completely improvised, and it was really emotional for everyone on set.


    Levinson wanted Zendaya and Nika King to "go at each other's necks" in the scene. Zendaya said the fight was so out of character for her that it made her feel sick afterward. Levinson also revealed that he needed to leave the set after filming the third take, which involved Zendaya coming at Nika with a piece of glass.

    11. Jacob admitted that it was actually very difficult for him to be so mean to Alexa on set.

    12. Eric Dane wore a prosthetic during the full-frontal scene in Episode 1.


    He told Entertainment Weekly that even though the penis was a prosthetic, he was also willing to go without one as long as it served the story.

    13. Before filming, Sydney Sweeney created a diary for Cassie to help her better understand the character.


    In an interview with MTV, Sydney explained that for every character she plays she maps out a life "from the day she's born until the first page of the script." She described Cassie's diary as "dramatic artsy" and filled it with quotes, black and white photos, and moody song lyrics.

    14. Shooting at the carnival for the fourth episode was actually a "nightmare."


    Levinson and Zendaya both admitted that shooting at the carnival was super difficult. The carnival itself was about 125,000 square feet and there were rides everywhere. The production team assembled the carnival so it would fit the actors and the shots they wanted. It took six nights to film. Zendaya also said it was so cold and dusty that she needed an inhaler.

    15. Before casting, Levinson made a vision board for Rue, and Zendaya was on it.

    16. The characters' various makeup looks help show the their emotions and their development throughout the season.

    17. And last but certainly not least, the cast has a group chat where they raved about how Leonardo DiCaprio watches the show.

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