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    “Stranger Things” Season 4 Gifted Us Eddie Munson, And People Have Been Obsessing Over Him For Months Now

    No thoughts just Eddie Munson's Upside Down guitar solo.

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers for Stranger Things Vol. 2 ahead!🚨

    Well, Stranger Things is back and better than ever. And now that Vol. 2 has dropped, I think we can all agree that we're suffering from a MAJOR heartbreak.

    While the core Hawkins crew survived the wrath of Vecna, we, unfortunately, lost a legend. The man who won our hearts after a single episode — heck, a single line — Eddie Munson, did not survive the Season 4 finale.

    Eddie making a silly face

    So, without further ado, here are the best tweets about the man who was gone too soon, the sweet bean who deserved SO much better, the metalhead who finally came out a hero: Eddie Munson.


    Twitter: @hellfireIover


    Twitter: @StrangerNews11


    mourning eddie munson isn’t enough i need to fight the demobats myself and avenge him

    Twitter: @hellfireIover


    rip eddie munson even though ur a metalhead i know you would have loved american rock band my chemical romance

    Twitter: @insectbeverage


    eddie munson having bats tattoos…stranger things writers are actually sick #strangerthings

    Twitter: @ohhhhherewego


    Twitter: @munsonthinker


    i will NEVER stop talking about eddie munson’s guitar GOD moment #StrangerThings4

    Twitter: @hellfireIover


    in my head this is photo of Eddie Munson from 1996. He’s alive and he’s 30 now. He tries on his clothes from high school and him and Dustin laugh about it and reminisce.

    Twitter: @IWRMEC


    me going in the upside down to save eddie munson

    Twitter: @quinnxlover


    eddie munson doesnt have puppy dog eyes. no, no, he has raccoon eyes.

    Twitter: @eddieluver


    i need joseph quinn to tell me every detail of eddie munson i wanna know his favorite color what position he sleeps in at night if he likes pineapple on pizza what songs his band performs what movies he likes if he wants to have kids in the future i want to know everything

    Twitter: @iHrtEddie


    joseph quinn really gave us the best version of eddie munson we could ever get

    Twitter: @eddiemvnsonn


    eddie munson is the love of my life.

    Twitter: @munsonzone


    eddie munson saying “i love you man” was improvised by joseph quinn. i am seriously not okay

    Twitter: @eddiemvnsonn


    Twitter: @hellfireIover


    I believe in eddie munson and max mayfield supremacy. #StrangerThings4 #StrangerThings

    Twitter: @sthingsthinker


    STRANGER THINGS SPOILERS The fact that #eddie Munson dedicated his last song to Chrissy #StrangerThings #Eddiemunsondeservedbetter

    Twitter: @koffegotstolen


    If the multiverse exists, I hope Eddie Munson is happily playing dungeons and dragons with his friends, has proven his innocence and become known as Hawkin's hero, got his diploma, and is passionately pursuing his passion for playing guitar. #StrangerThings #StrangerThings4

    Twitter: @lvccmp


    #StrangerThings Me trying to figure out a way the Duffer Brothers could bring back our love, Eddie Munson, for Season 5:

    Twitter: @MyCouchHasADent


    “He could have run. He could’ve saved himself but he fought! He fought and died to protect this town that hated him. He isn’t just innocent…He’s a hero.” EDDIE MUNSON YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART. #StrangerThings

    Twitter: @hiddlouistan


    ME RN: "Eddie is alive. We did not see his official dead body!!" FIRST STAGE OF GRIEF: DENIAL #StrangerThings4 #StrangerThings4Vol2 #EDDIEMUNSON

    Twitter: @quinnsqueen_


    Twitter: @eddiemvnsonn


    I think we can all agree that eddie munson — #StrangerThings #StrangerThings4

    Twitter: @sthingsthinker


    Me trying to save Eddie Munson from those bats #StrangerThings

    Twitter: @TatumBrownOG


    when dustin gave eddie’s uncle his guitar pick 🥹#StrangerThings #EDDIEMUNSON

    Twitter: @y3zmn


    steve harrington after dustin starts hanging out with eddie:

    Twitter: @cuntrcgers


    If the duffer bros touch Steve Harrington or Eddie Munson

    Netflix / Twitter: @CameronSilas


    when eddie munson smiles, a year is added to my life tbh. #StrangerThings

    Netflix / Twitter: @joycelhopper


    Netflix / Twitter: @steddiethinker


    when eddie munson plays his guitar in volume two you guys are gonna learn a lot more than you’d like to know about me

    Twitter: @bisexualpadfoot


    “eddie munson will survive vol 2” i say into the mic. the crowd boos. i begin to walk off the stage in shame. “no, she’s right.” i hear a voice say in the back. the lights come on. it’s joseph quinn.

    Twitter: @mvnsonsgf


    If I don’t get to see Eddie Munson graduate at the end of the next volume the duffer brothers better be at a secure location

    Twitter: @zero_susss


    eddie munson and steve harrington lives in my mind rent free #StrangerThings

    Netflix / Twitter: @druigsoldx


    me falling in love with eddie munson as soon as he was introduced #StrangerThings #StrangerThings4

    Twitter: @sawpilIed


    I feel like men should apologize for not being eddie munson ://// #StrangerThings

    Netflix / Twitter: @LQVEAIMSEY


    #StrangerThings has a trend of introducing really likeable characters only for them to be killed in the same season. I’m worried for Eddie…

    Netflix / Twitter: @therealsupes


    no the way eddie was shy infront of chrissy #StrangerThings

    Netflix / Twitter: @oocstrangerths


    need a scene where eddie munson realises that ‘the girl with superpowers’ everyone is always talking about is the same girl that mike ‘whatever your mommy bought you from the goddamn gap’ wheeler won’t shut up abt (and eddie was 95% was made up)

    Twitter: @e1whee1er


    Joseph Quinn absolutely stole the show. Literally insane how you can overwhelm your audience by adding so many new characters, but instantly be captivated the first frame Eddie is shown, perfect, simply perfection 🤌. #StrangerThings

    Netflix / Twitter: @Ch4osReborn


    Me whenever Eddie Munson is on my screen #strangerthings

    Netflix / Twitter: @CameronSilas


    stranger things knew exactly what they were doing with eddie munson

    Twitter: @KILLlNGMESLOW


    if eddie munson dies i hope yall know i'll be mourning as if he's a real person i will be so unbelievably upset for weeks

    Twitter: @gamerg0re


    the way eddie and chrissy smiled at each other.

    Netflix / Twitter: @girlxvintage


    its still funny to me that eddie goes “I DONT LIKE THIS CHRISSY WAKE UPPPP” 😭😭😭

    Twitter: @eightiesmileven


    if eddie munson has a million fans, i am one of them. if eddie munson has ten fans, i am one of them. if eddie munson has only one fan, it’s me. if eddie munson has no fans, that means i am no longer on this earth #strangerthings

    Twitter: @1800MARVEL


    Billy Hargrove that Eddie Munson could RUN #StrangerThings

    Netflix / Twitter: @bekind_presley


    i need a boyfriend like eddie munson or a girlfriend like robin buckley asap #StrangerThings

    Twitter: @pukoid


    i never would've believed you if three years ago you told me i’d be here.. obsessed with eddie munson.. but here i am #StrangerThings4

    Netflix / Twitter: @darrensbean


    If Eddie plays Separate Ways by Journey I will pass out.

    Netflix / Twitter: @therealsupes

    In conclusion,

    Netflix / Twitter: @Stranger_Things